Best Wireless Mouse Of 2021

Best Wireless Mouse Of 2021

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Best Wireless Mice Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • Light Beam-Based Actuation
  • Included Customizable Chroma Lighting & RGB Mouse Charging Dock
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
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Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • 11 Customizable Buttons and HyperFast Scroll Wheel
  • Six Adjustable Weights
  • Up to 60 Hours of Gameplay.
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Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

  • 4000 DPI High Precision Sensor
  • Unique 57° Vertical Angle
  • Customizable Back/Forward Buttons
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Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

  • Advanced 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
  • Ultra-Fast Magspeed Scrolling
  • USB-C Rechargeable
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Razer DeathAdder v2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • Up to 120 Hours of Battery Life
  • Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting
  • Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor
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Acer Predator Cestus 350 Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • Five Onboard Memory Profiles
  • 16.8 Million RGB Color Combinations
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ASUS ROG Chakram Wireless Aura Sync RGB Gaming Mouse

  • Programmable, Removable Joystick
  • Screw-Less Magnetic Buttons and Cover
  • Pivoted Button Mechanism
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ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse

  • 6 Tactile Programmable Buttons
  • Dual Wireless Connectivity
  • Advanced 16000-dpi Optical Sensor
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Corsair Ironclaw Wireless RCB-FPS and MOBA Gaming Mouse

  • 18,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Up to 50 Hours of Battery Life
  • Three Modes of Connection
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Razer Viper Ultimate Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • With RGB Charging Dock
  • Ultra-Fast Razer HyperSpeed Wireless Technology
  • Optical Mouse Switch
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If you are looking to get better at work and play with the best wireless mouse to use with your laptop, PC, or even TV, or probably you want to enjoy the flexibility to use your mouse across your room without hassling with cables, you have reached the right page.

With the knowledge that today’s market is packed full of all sorts of wireless mice with different shapes, sizes, features, and prices, we have compiled the best wireless mouse to making your shopping as breezy as possible.

In this post, you will find both general-purpose and gaming mice that are ready to elevate your productivity and take your performance to a whole new level. Therefore, read through our buying guide to help you purchase the ideal wireless mouse that fits your needs and pocket.

Best Wireless Mouse Buying Guide

Since you want a wireless mouse with a long-lasting build, maximum comfort, and useful features to make work and play enjoyable, it is safe to first go through these four crucial factors to help you make the best choice.

1. Wireless Connectivity Options

Wireless technologies come in two versions, Bluetooth and Radio Frequency adapters. The popular ones are the Bluetooth mice and are a perfect match with modern notebooks, which usually have Bluetooth radios built-in. In a scenario where you will be using a desktop computer, it is best to buy a Bluetooth dongle if peradventure your new wireless mouse doesn’t come with one.

As for RF adapters, a wireless mouse with this technology operates at 2.4GHz frequency and compatible with multiple wireless devices. As you shop for the best wireless mouse, bear in mind that they run on batteries and need to be powered to get the supreme performance you are after.

2. General Use or Gaming

Before you click the buttons in front of the wireless mouse that catches your eyes, you might want to pause and mull over what you want to use your new mouse for; gaming or general use? If you are buying a wireless mouse for gaming, it is wise to focus on the least possible latency for high-performance to avoid lagging in your games.

Again, take note of the sensitivity packed in the wireless mouse you want to buy. The simple trick behind moving quickly across a screen with smaller hand motion is to settle for a wireless mouse with a higher DPI. Let’s say you are shopping as a gamer; the sensitivity of your mouse is crucial. If you are after precise movement, don’t overlook the sensitivity of your new wireless mouse.

Most wireless gaming mice are customizable to enable you to create your playing style for a comfortable gaming experience. As a non-gamer, concentrate on features like size, ergonomics, and other features for general use.

3. Design

The size of your new wireless mouse is the first design to keep in mind. Then, the size of your hand comes into play. If you have smaller hands, it is best to settle for a portable wireless mouse and vice versa. So, as you shop, keep an eye out for the mouse’s dimensions.

Mice that improve posture and reduce hand and wrist strain offer comfort for extended work or play sessions. It is commendable to look out for ergonomically designed mice as they are best at eliminating muscle and hand fatigue.

Plus, if you want a wireless mouse that will last for years to come, consider the build quality and be sure it’s sturdy with excellent battery life to keep you playing and working for longer.

4. Features

Be mindful of useful features that will spur productivity and performance. Some wireless gaming mice come with LED lights, which indicate the dpi level of your mouse or the battery level, taking away the stress of opening the software to find out such information. They also add extra flair and feedback during gaming.

Wireless mice with multiple buttons and wheels are best if you run complex applications seeing that they have special software that permits customization to enable a wide range of individualized functionality. Also, wireless mice with a slot on the back panel for a USB dongle are great to avoid misplacement.

It is also best to settle for the wireless mouse with textured rubber grips to prevent fatigue and lookout for the best wireless mouse with the dpi switch button to change the speed of your mouse’s sensitivity.


Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Connection: Wireless | Mouse Shape: Right-Handed | Programmable Buttons: 11 | Sensor: Focus+ 20k DPI Optical Sensor| Weight: 0.95 pounds

This speedy wireless mouse is 25% faster than competing wireless mice, thanks to the Razer HyperSpeed Wireless Technology that brings together extreme low-latency and interference reduction to give you true wireless freedom.

Through Razer Synapse 3, the 11 programmable buttons on this optical mouse allow you to reconfigure and assign complex macro functions. You also get to enjoy extended gaming of up to 100-hour battery life with an all-new, hyper-efficient sensor and wireless technology packed in this best wireless mouse.

As a hardcore gamer in search of ultimate victory during game time, pick the Razer Basilisk Ultimate wireless mouse known for consistent lift-off and accuracy and unleash your potential.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Design Highly Priced
Superior Wireless Features  
Exceptional Performance  

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Connection: Wireless | Mouse Shape: Right-Handed | Programmable Buttons: 11 | Sensor: HERO 25k Sensor | Weight: 0.89 pounds

With this super-fast wireless mouse loaded with iconic features, you can game faster and more accurately.

The tunable weight system of this wireless mouse allows for a wide variety of weight and balance configurations to get the perfect feel for your gaming style, while the Lipo Battery can run for up to 60 hours of gameplay.

This best wireless mouse permits extreme configuration with 11 programmable buttons to optimize your gameplay with keybinds and macros. For immersive gaming, the LIGHTSYNC RGB intelligently reacts with your gameplay, audio, or screen color.

If you want a super thin and lightweight wireless mouse with consistent fast buttons to squash your games, don’t skip this best wireless mouse with a high-performance design.

Pros Cons
Incredibly Fast and Accurate Scroll Wheel Feels Feeble
Excellent Build Quality  
Great Functionality  

Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

Connection: Wireless | Mouse Shape: Right-Handed | Programmable Buttons: 4 | Sensor: 40k DPI Sensor | Weight: 0.50 pounds

Rise above discomfort and enjoy high performance with this advanced science-driven wireless mouse designed to lessen muscle strain, wrist pressure, and improve posture. You get a more ergonomic posture with the natural handshake position of this wireless mouse.

The cursor speed switch allows you to change the speed and accuracy for optimal control with a press of a button, while the premium scroll wheel gets things done quicker. With this best wireless mouse, you get to stay powered for up to four months and get three hours of use from a one-minute quick charge.

Probably you are looking for the best wireless mouse to improve your workflow; the Logitech MX Vertical wireless mouse comes with loads of features to help you execute any task more quickly and easily. Plus, the unique form of this wireless mouse will fit a variety of hand shapes and sizes.

Pros Cons
Extremely Comfortable No Dongle Storage
Excellent Battery Life  
Strong Build Quality  

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

Connection: Wireless | Mouse Shape: Right-Handed, Ambidextrous | Programmable Buttons: 6 | Sensor: 40k DPI Sensor | Weight: 5.12 ounces

This advanced wireless mouse designed for designers and engineered for coders can track on any surface, even glass, and is stuffed with the latest features to help you create, make, and do work faster and more efficiently.

With this wireless mouse in your hand, you get to experience the remarkable speed, precision, and silence of its advanced scroll wheel, while getting the power to create your customization for a specific workflow.

Are you looking to work comfortably? Purchase this best wireless mouse with a silhouette crafted for the shape of your palm, and enjoy a superior workflow of up to 70 hours of power on a full charge.

Pros Cons
Ultra-Quiet Scrolling No USB Receiver Storage
Downloadable Profiles  
Awesome Battery Life  

Razer DeathAdder v2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Connection: Wireless | Mouse Shape: Right-Handed  | Programmable Buttons: 8 | Sensor: Focus+ 20k DPI Optical Sensor | Weight: 9.2 ounces

The exceptional ergonomic design of this award-winning wireless mouse is perfect for a palm grip, claw, and fingertip style to provide maximum comfort for your gaming.

With the benefit of dual connectivity, you get to enjoy up to 120 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode or up ton70 hours of ultrafast performance when you switch to Razer HyperSpeed Wireless. For more secured swipes, this wireless mouse has rubber grips that cover its left and right side.

Purchase this best wireless mouse and enjoy smooth, lag-free gaming, longer battery life with Bluetooth, or game even as it’s charging when you plug it into your setup via its Razer Speedflex cable. A perfect mouse for FPS games!

Pros Cons
Powerful Sensor Wireless Charging Requires Optional Dock
Superior Build Quality  
Low Click Latency  

Acer Predator Cestus 350 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Connection: Wireless | Mouse Shape: Right-Handed | Programmable Buttons: 8 | Sensor: 16k DPI Sensor | Weight: 10.4 ounces

Bring light to the battle with this superior wireless mouse that lets you fight with accuracy in comfort and perfect for right-handed claw grips who want to take on reports or any other preferred game.

With up to 16,000 DPI and 400 IPS tracking, accuracy comes with the territory. Go wireless with this latest gaming mouse and enjoy all the freedom to move. The five profiles setting on this wireless mouse allows you to play the different game your way, while the eight programmable buttons let you set up your mouse with what works for you.

This best wireless mouse features reliability, ease-of-use, and user comfort, all to give you what you need to dominate the online arena. You’ll love how your fingers glide effortlessly on this gaming mouse when you purchase it and make the match yours for more than 50hours.

Pros Cons
Supreme Sensor Not Ambidextrous
Great Battery Life  
Elegant Design  

ASUS ROG Chakram Wireless Aura Sync RGB Gaming Mouse

Connection: Wireless | Mouse Shape: Ambidextrous | Programmable Buttons: 6 | Sensor: 16k DPI Sensor | Weight: 4.2 ounces

With a high-end optical gaming sensor, this best wireless gaming mouse is ready to deliver the accuracy and speed you need. You are sure to enjoy lag-free responsiveness with a 1,000 Hz polling rate in both 2.4GHz and wired mode for an ultra-smooth gaming experience.

This sleek wireless mouse is loaded with easy DIY features to give you the freedom to make the mouse your own. The analog mode on this mouse empowers you to climb, dive, dirt, pan the view, or any analog control you set. You will be glad to know that this wireless gaming mouse comes with a customizable joystick to match different hand shapes and play styles.

With exceptional battery life, you can power your play for days or even weeks of real-world use. Let’s say you are craving to enjoy an outstanding gaming experience with a wireless mouse that is brimming with features capable of elevating your play to a level above the competition, don’t wink at the ROG Chakram, make it yours, and own your game!

Pros Cons
Excellent Triple Connectivity Quite Expensive
Well-Designed Joystick  
Long Battery Life  

ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse

Connection: Wireless | Mouse Shape: Right-Handed | Programmable Buttons: 6 | Sensor: 12k DPI Optical Sensor | Weight: 9.9 ounces

This superior wireless mouse designed for committed gamers comes with an advanced 12,000 DPI optical sensor and a dedicated DPI target button to help you quickly switch sensitivity settings with the push of a button.

With dual connection options, you can pair with Bluetooth-supported laptops and PCs or via 2.4GHz RF USB Dongle for fast connectivity to your gaming mouse. This wireless mouse optimized for all grip types offers the utmost comfort during use for extended gaming sessions.

Take style to the next level with the endless spectrum of colors and a range of dynamic lighting effects on this best wireless mouse. Spend your money on this wireless mouse built to dominate and enjoy critical performance and wireless freedom.

Pros Cons
Solid Build Stiff Cable
Excellent Performance  
Comfortable Design  

Corsair Ironclaw Wireless RCB-FPS and MOBA Gaming Mouse

Connection: Wireless | Mouse Shape: Right-Handed | Programmable Buttons: 10 | Sensors: 18k DPI Optical Sensor | Weight: 4.6 ounces

This modern wireless gaming mouse combines an ultra-accurate native 18,000 DPI optical sensor with a durable contoured shape that’s ideal for larger hands and palm grips, giving you comfort when it counts.

The ten fully programmable buttons on this best wireless mouse let you customize your play with powerful macros and key remaps to give you an in-game advantage. The onboard profile storage allows you to take your settings with you, plus hardware macro playback and lighting control.

If you are looking to play uninterrupted with a battery life that lasts for days? This best wireless mouse is a good catch with up to 50 hours of battery life, and you get to choose from dozens of customizable presets and effects to match your setup for groundbreaking gaming performance.

Pros Cons
Comfy Shae for Larger Paws Indifferent RGB Placement
Textured Grips and Wheel  
Extremely Configurable Resolution Settings  

Razer Viper Ultimate Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse

Connection: Wireless | Mouse Shape: Ambidextrous | Programmable Buttons: 8 | Sensor: Focus+ 20k Optical Sensor | Weight: 16 ounces

This fastest wireless gaming mouse meets the demands of top esports athletes with its high-speed transmission and seamless frequency switching in data-saturated environments.

This Hyperspeed Wireless mouse is more reliable than ever as it delivers high-speed transmission to register swipes and clicks instantaneously. The ultra-lightweight design allows swifter, more controlled swipes, augmenting the speed of your reaction in battle. You can trust the super-accurate sensor to conquer your opponents during gameplay in a flash.

This smart wireless gaming mouse is your best bet for an exceptional gaming experience, thanks to its intelligent features that deliver pro-grade performance.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Design No Wall Adapter for Dock
Beautiful RGB Dock  
Superior Performance  


Now you know that a wireless mouse gives you complete freedom of movement plus a handy accessory if you want to be more productive at work and get high performance as you play modern gaming titles.

Therefore, wave goodbye to the ancient mouse straining your wrists and fingers and use the links on this page to buy your ideal wireless mouse. Go wireless like a pro, thanks to the fact that the selected mice are all built by renowned brands.