Best Weight Bench Of 2021

Best Weight Bench Of 2021

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Best Weight Benches Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series

  • Adjusts to Six Different Positions
  • Removable Leg Hold-Down Brace
  • 17-degree Decline to 90-degree Incline
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FLYBIRD Weight Bench

  • Made of Heavy-Duty Commercial Quality Steel
  • 2″ Soft Foam Padding
  • 7 Back Positions & 3 Seat Positions
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Steelbody Deluxe 6 Position Utility Weight Bench

  • Non-Marking and Thick Padding
  • Back Rest Pad can be Adjusted into 6 Positions
  • Used for Lifting Weights and Strength Training
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Finer Form 5-in-1 Adjustable Weight Bench

  • Great for Dumbbell Workouts, ab Routines, or Custom Fitness
  • 8 Adjustable Back Pad Settings and 3 Adjustable Seat Settings
  • Constructed from High Strength Steel
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Ritfit Adjustable/Foldable Utility Weight Bench

  • Made with a Durable Steel Frame
  • Adjusts to 9 Positions
  • Foldable, Large Seat, Non-Slip Foot Cover
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Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL High Capacity No Gap Weight Bench

  • 7 level Adjustable Backrest
  • 2″ Thick Foam Seat and Backrest
  • No Seat Gap at All Angles
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Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench

  • Padded Vinyl Foam Seats and Backrest Pad
  • 14-gauge Tubular Steel Frame
  • Adjustable Back Pad and Arm Curl Pad
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Weider Platinum Standard Bench

  • 6.5-Foot Standard Barbells
  • 4 Bench Positions
  • Integrated Leg Developer
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Finer Form Gym Quality Foldable Flat Bench

  • 3″ Thick Comfortable Cushion Pad
  • 4-way Frame Structure
  • Built from High-Grade Steel with Scratch Resistant Powder-coated Finish
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Ativafit Adjustable Weight Bench

  • 7 Backrest Pad Positions
  • Handles up to 330 lbs with Thicken Supported Pipe
  • Comfortable High-Density Foam Padding
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A weight bench in your home gym is sure to transform your workouts from boring to mind-blowing. It is a known fact weight benches are the bedrock of weight training, superb in strength building for novice and expert trainers alike.

If your number one aim of landing on this post is to build your muscle, tone up, or increase overall body strength with the ideal weight bench, you have arrived well.

With the multitude of weight benches on today’s market, we have cautiously picked out the best weight benches with tons of versatility to suit your training goals.

Because we know that any wrong step taken while shopping for a weight bench can kill your drive, hence you should follow our weight bench buying guide to ensure that you buy the best models.

Best Weight Bench Buying Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help you identify the weight bench that suits your fitness goals.

Also, note that the key to gain more powerful arms, achieve a stronger core, and build a broader back awaits you if only you intently read these five factors to buy the best weight bench.

1. Type

It is crucial to take note of the types of weight benches available on the market to help you bring the perfect choice to your training and home gym. There are various types of weight benches, such as barbell weight benches, flat weight benches, and utility weight benches.

A barbell weight bench embodies a flat or utility-style model with the addition of a rack clamped down to the rear frame. It is possible to find some models with an adjustable design fixed to the rack, and others are locked in either incline or decline angles, while most barbell weight benches come with a leg developer or an arm curl attachment. In case you want to feel safe as you use a weight bench while developing muscle and strength in your upper body, barbell weight benches offer different levels to suit everyone.

The flat-weight benches can’t adjust to multiple angles; they are placed in a flat position. This type of weight bench tends to be common because of its rock-solid frame. If you are in search of an extremely robust bench for building muscle, toning, or strength development, flat-weight benches are your best buy.

Utility weight benches are the most versatile of the three types and are great at adapting to a whole range of varied uses. This type of weight bench is great for building muscles or strength development and can be combined with a pair of dumbbells. Whether you are a beginner, regular, or advanced user who wants to target a wide range of muscle exercises, the utility weight bench is the best option.

2. Size

The size of the weight bench you want should be another vital thing to put into consideration. Ponder on the space in your home gym; will your new weight bench fit?

If you are tight on space, consider buying a foldable model. Note that in your search for a foldable weight bench, endeavor to pick out a sturdy bench to make your purchase a worthy one.

3. Weight Loads

Loads of weight benches fall into the user load and weight load. The former indicates the user weight load allocated for the person using the bench, while the weight load is the amount of weight the bench can carry on top of the user load.

Another way to look at weight load is that they are a superb indicator of the build quality of the bench. Therefore, as you shop for the best weight bench, bear in mind that the heavier the weight capacity of your new weight bench, the more sturdy it will be.

4. Seat Adjustment

There’s certainly a lot to love about adjustable weight benches, like taking up less space and elevating your training options. Therefore as your shop for the best adjustable weight bench, confirm the number of adjustments it can offer. They should provide at least incline and flat angles. The incline angle is for targeting your upper chest with the bench press, and the flat angle is superb for all kinds of exercise.

It is also great if your adjustable weight bench has upright and decline angles, which have their unique benefits. If you are looking to target your lower chest with the bench press, the decline angle is best, while the upright angle is best if you want to target your shoulders with the overhead press.

5. Upholstery

You won’t want to buy a weight bench with thin padding and plywood that keeps hitting your back and making you lose concentration during workouts.

So, as you shop for the best weight bench, look out for the models with at least 1.5″ soft foam padding to offer you enough support and comfort during use.


Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series

Dimensions: 56″ × 26″ × 20″ | Total Weight Load: 480 pounds| Item Weight: 63 pounds

This weight bench from Bowflex is an outstanding addition to your workout space and can adjust to six different positions for total versatility, from 17-degree decline to 90-degree incline.

For added decline position support, this best bench comes with a removable leg hold-down brace, making it a great piece of equipment to correct posture and positioning stabilizer. The heavy-duty steel construction of this weight bench is one built strong to last long.

The transport wheels make for easy storage to allow you to stow your weight bench almost anywhere. If you are looking to transform your space into a personal and safe muscle-building free weight fitness center, this best weight bench is a great addition.

Pros Cons
Superb Assurance Quite Large
Easy Setup  
Loads of Workout Options  

FLYBIRD Weight Bench

Dimensions: 49.2″ × 15.7″ × 44.5″ | Total Weight Load: 620 pounds | Item Weight: 31.8 pounds

You can trust this weight bench to stay sturdy and last for years to come, thanks to the unique frame designed with triangular structure and made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel, all of which is crucial in your workout.

For a full-body workout, this durable weight bench offers fast adjustment with an automatic lock. With seven back positions and three seat positions, you can pull the Fast Bolt and adjust to the place that fits you. You get to do any exercise with a very comfortable feeling on the 2″ soft foam padding of this best weight bench.

The commercial thickness of this high-quality weight bench ensures safety every workout time. Since you will need a durable weight bench to tackle your fitness goals and not a one-month bench, put your money to excellent use and buy a portable weight bench.

Pros Cons
Easy to Store Short Warranty on Upholstery
Great for Incline Workouts  
Exceptional Balance in Thickness and Firmness  

Steelbody Deluxe 6 Position Utility Weight Bench

Dimensions: 47″ × 45″ × 25.5″ | Total Weight Load: 300 pounds | Item Weight: 53 pounds

Both novice lifter and veteran trainers are not left out to improve muscle with this Steelbody deluxe utility bench that is best at providing a full-body exercise to give you even muscle development. You can train your arms, shoulders, chest, abs, and back effectively with this superior weight bench.

With durable stainless steel construction, this sturdy bench can carry enough weight loads and has a 2″ thick padding with sturdy faux canvas vinyl covering for added comfort and grip.

The personalized bench pads can be adjusted into various positions to fit every workout. The backrest pad can be rearranged into six positions, including the military, incline, and flat while the seat pad smoothly adjusts into five positions.

The non-marking foot pads and end caps prevent floor marking, and the wheels and handles of this durable weight bench make for easy storage. Let’s say you want to attain the rock-hard muscles you have always wanted; start your workout with this heavy-duty utility weight bench.

Pros Cons
Easy to Assemble Small Feeble Wood in the Back Area
Highly Durable Build  
Great Value for Money  

Finer Form 5-in-1 Adjustable Weight Bench

Dimensions: 34.5″ × 14.3″ × 10″ | Total Weight Load: 660 pounds | Item Weight: 32 pounds

This adjustable, foldable weight bench is the perfect choice for those who seek a top-quality workout and also fancy a weight bench that is quick to fold and store. Be sure to enjoy the utmost training with the strength and stability this superior weight bench provides.

The eight adjustable back pad settings and three adjustable seat settings of this prime weight bench allow you to set up for any number of popular exercises. It can be used as a flat bench, an incline bench, a decline bench, or an upright bench, making it great for a variety of workouts at home or gym.

This foldable weight bench is constructed from high-strength steel to provide a solid base as you confidently work towards your fitness goals. Purchase this 5-in-1 weight bench that can adjust to your specific needs.

Pros Cons
Easy to Fold Slightly Long and Wide for Exercises
Multi-Purpose Bench  
High-Density Cushioning  

Ritfit Adjustable/Foldable Utility Weight Bench

Dimensions: 45.5″ × 18.45″ × 16.1″ | Total Weight Load: 510 pounds | Item Weight: 33 pounds

Get more out of your workout with an adjustable weight bench that stands as an outstanding addition in your home gym, featuring solid construction, versatile position on back pad and seat, plus super breezy assembly.

The durable steel frame of this vest weight bench ensures solid construction with contoured foam roller pads to provide an optimal amount of support and comfort throughout the workout.

You can adjust this weight bench to 9 positions for total versatility. It is breezy to tailor this weight bench to fit your training; lay it in an inclining, declining, or flat position for both weightlifting and equipment-free exercises.

Let’s say you are in dire need of a bench that will help enhance your upper body as well as perfect for dumbbell and other strength training exercises; get this strong utility weight bench and enjoy effective workouts.

Pros Cons
Ergonomic Design Not Fit For Seasoned Lifters
Multi-Purpose Weight Bench  
Excellent for Dumbbell Workouts  

Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL High Capacity No Gap Weight Bench

Dimensions: 69.5″ × 24″ × 52″ | Total Weight Load: 850 pounds | Item Weight: 65 pounds

This best weight bench equipped with seven positions adjustable backrest, three positions adjustable seat, and three positions adjustable rollers permits you to perform a variety of exercises to reach your fitness goals.

The patented pending seat design of this unique bench allows you to eliminate the gap between the backrest and seat at all angles and any position. You get to stay comfortable throughout your sessions, thanks to the 2″ thick foam seat and backrest made of the soft, durable, double-stitched vinyl cover.

The leg lockdown supports sit-ups and decline bench presses, plus it is easy to detach for effective workouts. To further elevate your training and get mind-blowing results, invest in this best weight bench.

Pros Cons
Easy to Fold and Store Tasking to Adjust Seat Gap
Solid Build Quality  
Smooth Seven Levels Adjustable Backrest  

Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench

Dimensions: 65.75″ × 65.50″ × 64.50″ | Total Weight Load: 600 pounds | Item Weight: 93 pounds

No need to go to the gym anymore with this versatile Olympic weight bench; bulk it up in the comfort of your home, and you are good to start your workout with a wide variety of exercises and training regimens.

This heavily built weight bench features a tubular steel frame design that is powder-coated, highly durable, and can support a massive weight load. The number of features packed in this best weight bench makes weightlifting a total breeze.

With five different positions, this multifunction utility bench is superb for upper body workouts such as chest presses using dumbbells and bars. You can also perform lifts and at an incline or decline if you want to target your abdomen or chest.

You will find an isolated arm curl pad that allows you to focus on toning your biceps and triceps with barbell curls while the adjustable height crutches cater to users of different arm lengths and heights.

Probably you are looking to stay in shape without leaving home; this champion weight bench is fully equipped with loads of features you will need for a full-toned body. Plus, a good investment for users of all levels.

Pros Cons
Solid Construction Consumes More Space
Ultra Comfortable and Versatile Bench  
Excellent Stability  

Weider Platinum Standard Bench

Dimensions: 47.44″ × 17.72″ × 6.89″ | Total Weight Load: 410 pounds

Everything you need to get a great workout from home is found in this best weight bench designed to offer a total body strength-training solution and accommodate your lifting preferences and exercise routine.

The integrated leg developer on this superior weight bench with 1″ standard-sized weight plates allows you to target and train your quads and hip flexor muscles by performing controlled reps. With the four bench positions, you can choose between 2 levels of incline, flat, or decline positions to execute a variety of strength-building exercises.

You can also learn how to strength train with iFit when you buy this best weight bench. Let’s say you are on a tight budget but still in need of a decent home gym with a wide range of exercises to work your entire body; this best weight bench promises to give you value for your money and good results for your body.

Pros Cons
Great Price Point Puzzling Assembly Instructions
Wide Range of Exercises  
High-Quality Bench  

Finer Form Gym Quality Foldable Flat Bench

Dimensions: 18.3″ × 46″ × 15″ | Total Weight Load: 1,000 pounds | Item Weight: 32 pounds

This best flat weight bench stomps in with high-strength steel to provide the steadiness and support you need for dumbbells bench presses, triceps dips, ab crunches, and a lot more.

You can also incorporate this weight bench with other barbell-based equipment to give you the workout you dream of from your home gym. The legs of this flat-weight bench are easy to fold up as soon as you finish training and store in a convenient space. The 4-way frame structure handles provide stable support for a variety of exercises.

The 3″ thick comfortable cushion pad of this weight bench provides consistent support and comfort for core exercises. If you want a weight bench in your home gym that is great for use with a squat rack and weights, waste no time bringing this gym-quality flat workout bench home.

Pros Cons
Thick Cushioning Complaints of Lopsidedness
Multi-Purpose Trainer  
Sturdy Build  

Ativafit Adjustable Weight Bench

Dimensions: 33.8″ × 12.9″ × 12″| Total Weight Load: 330 pounds | Item Weight: 22.5 pounds

Meet all your needs when you workout with this multi-purpose adjustable weight bench that has seven backrest pad positions. Plus, you get to save space with its foldable design while getting the best of your exercises.

Increase your upper body strength in no time with the press bench that is ideal for exercise training and workout on tour chest, shoulders, back, abs, and others. The comfortable high-density foam padding and the seat can lure you into doing bench presses regularly, which is sure to help increase the health and strength of your bones.

Since this sturdy weight bench is capable of providing stable support for various workouts, buying one for your home gym is a superb choice as this Ativafit weight bench promise to let you enjoy the benefits of your purchase.

Pros Cons
Easy to Assemble Pushy Decline
Versatile Weight Bench  


By now, you should be bold enough to bring home the best weight bench capable of helping you carry out your training goals and built with the latest technology. Plus, a comfortable weight bench that allows you to stay entertained during workouts is the type you should bring home.

As you punch the buttons to purchase your chosen weight bench, remember that achieving your goal lies in your hard work and perseverance.  So, pick one of the weight benches that fit your budget and start working out now!