Best Fitness Tracker Of 2021

Best Fitness Tracker Of 2021

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Best Fitness Trackers Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

Garmin Fenix 6S Sapphire Premium Multisport GPS Watch

  • 1.2” Sunlight-Readable Display with Bezels in Stainless Steel
  • Navigate the Outdoors with Preloaded TOPO Maps
  • PacePro for Grade-adjusted Pace Guidance
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Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watch

  • All Day Activities, including Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, Floors Climbed, and Active Minutes
  • Wrist-based Heart Rate
  • Syncs Automatically and Wirelessly to Tablets, Computers
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Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch Fitness Band

  • Water-resistant up to Fifty Meters
  • Compatible with Android and iOS Smartphones
  • Count Every Mile on Map MyRun
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Polar Vantage V-Premium GPS Multisport Watch

  • Up to 40 Hours of Training Time with GPS Active
  • Training Load Pro
  • Precision Prime Heart Rate
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Coros VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch

  • 24/7 Blood Oxygen Monitoring
  • 150-meter Waterproof Rating
  • Enhanced Digital Knob for Easy Operation
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Garmin Approach S62 Premium Golf GPS Watch

  • More than 41, 000 Full-Color CourseView Maps Preloaded
  • Large 1. 3” Easy-to-read Color Touchscreen Display
  • Green View Feature
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Polar IGNITE Advanced Waterproof Fitness Watch

  • Sleep Plus Stages Analysis
  • Equipped with Speed, Distance, and Route Tracking
  • Polar Fit Spark Daily Training Guide
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Suunto 9 GPS Sports Watch

  • Intelligent Battery Modes and Reminders
  • 100 Meters Water Resistance
  • Support for over 80 Sports and Multisport Events
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Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

  • 15 Plus Exercise Modes
  • Automatically Record Time Spent in Light, Deep, and REM Sleep Stages
  • Swim Proof and Water Resistant to 50 Meters
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Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition Health & Fitness Smartwatch

  • Get Call, Text, Calendar and Smartphone App Notifications
  • 6 Plus Day Battery Life
  • Amazon Alexa Built-in
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Today, every wrist is after a fitness tracker to keep track of their set fitness goals. If you are one of those wrists looking to catch up with their fitness goals, you will agree that only the best fitness trackers can help you accurately achieve your specific fitness objectives and improve your overall health.

For this reason, this post on the best fitness tracker has combed through the seemingly limitless options of fitness trackers on the market to bring to you fitness trackers with high-tech features that can keep track of your heart rate, distance, integrate with your smartphones, headphones, and more.

It is with sureness that as you read through this page, you will find the right fitness trackers ranging from fitness bands to fitness watches that will fit your budget, fitness goals, and lifestyle.

Best Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

Ponder on what you want from your new fitness tracker. What fitness goals are you looking to achieve? Do you want to keep an eye on your steps, heart rate, hours of sleep, skin temperature, or you are going to run as though on a treadmill, cycle, hike, and swim?

If you can answer these questions, then the features in your new fitness tracker will serve as a torch to see that you tackle your fitness goals to the last.

To avoid paying for fitness trackers that are far away from your fitness goals, pay attention to the enumerated features and factors to hold dear in your search for the best fitness trackers.

1. Activity Tracking

For step tracking, you will find an accelerometer in almost any fitness tracker, which helps in counting your steps and other slight movements as well.

To measure the number of stairs you climb daily, some fitness tracker has an altimeter to determine your altitude. You can also find fitness trackers with sensors like a magnetometer to detect the direction you are taking.

While shopping, ensure that the fitness tracker you have eyes for can track all your desired activities.

2. Sleep Tracking

Nearly all fitness tracker monitors your sleep stages (REM, light, and deep) and gives you sleep feedback and a numerical sleep score by studying your heart rate and your movements during sleep hours.

If you are particular about this feature in a fitness tracker, keep an eye out for the best quality to get accurate sleep tracking.

3. GPS

Other fitness trackers come with GPS to track your location, try out new routes, and reveals information about your activity. It is best to look out for fitness trackers with GPS if you are fond of running or cycling to keep a record of your progress.

In a case where you have extra cash to spare and won’t want to find yourself jogging with your smartphone, go for fitness trackers with built-in GPS. Otherwise, you might have to settle for fitness trackers with linked GPS and pair them with your smartphone to get GPS data during workouts.

4. Heart Rate Tracker

A heart rate tracker keeps track of your pulse during your workout and also for the whole day plus gives reports on your heart rate. This feature is worth considering when you shop for the best fitness tracker as it is useful for tracking improvements in your fitness even while working out on a rowing machine.

If you’re a zealous climber or an athlete, keep an eye out for a heart rate tracker in your new fitness tracker.

5. Water Resistance/Proof

Like you would for your hoverboard, be concerned about the water rating of your new fitness tracker, especially if you intend to swim or workout in the rain. These ratings are a list of letters and numbers to indicate the level of protection your fitness tracker has against water.

The higher the number, the better the chances of your fitness tracker to resist water. Let’s say you see a 5ATM rating for a fitness tracker, have it in mind that the letters and numbers put together mean that the fitness tracker can be immersed 50 meters below water for a set period. For swimmers, a waterproof fitness tracker is the best choice.

6. Battery Life

Similar to an electric scooter, charging your new fitness tracker every day might tire you out. To run away from this, buy the best fitness tracker with a battery life that can stay up from days to weeks.

Except you decide to opt for the fitness tracker that is not rechargeable and uses coin-cell batteries that can live for months before any replacement. Also, put the recharge time of your new fitness tracker in mind.

7. App

Chase after the best fitness tracker that can allow you to pair with app services such as Strava via your smartphone. Unlike fitness bands, fitness watches tend to offer the most compatibility to grant access to your data and keep track of your day-to-day activities.

8. Display

Just like the face of your wristwatch, many fitness trackers display data in words, numbers, and symbols. Some fitness trackers reveal data through an app or an LED light display.

Whichever way the fitness tracker you want to buy shows information, ensure that the fitness tracker’s display is readable. You won’t want to splash your money on a fitness tracker that will end up tossed aside sooner than later because the display lacks an intuitive interface.

Some excessively sophisticated fitness trackers have an arduous learning curve and are quick to take away the joy of usage, except you are a fast learner. In your quest for the best fitness tracker, if you desperately want to get maximum user satisfaction, make sure to pick the fitness tracker that is user-friendly.


Garmin Fenix 6S Sapphire Premium Multisport GPS Watch

Display: MIP LCD | Water Rating: 10 ATM | Heart Rate Tracker: Yes | Activity Tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery Life: 9 days | Weight: 2.08 ounces

With a rugged, sophisticated design that features an always-on 1.2″ sunlight-readable display, this multisport fitness tracker has got all your fitness goals covered from running, swimming, biking, rowing, resort skiing, golfing, trail running, and more.

Keep your pace with grade-adjusted guidance as you run a course, thanks to the first-of-its-kind PacePro Technology of this best fitness tracker. The power manager gives you the ability to make battery next-ending changes on the fly.

If you fancy exploring new routes like a zealous gamer, this loaded fitness tracker comes with TOPO and Ski Maps to help you navigate your adventures plus view run names as well as difficulty ratings for 2,000 worldwide ski resorts.
Do you want to go camping and hiking or monitor your sleep? Whatever your fitness type, be sure that this best lightweight fitness tracker will keep you on track mixed with fun too.

Pros Cons
Easy Operation Optical Heart Rate is Poor at High Intensity
Jillion of Activity Modes  
First-Class GPS and Altimeter Accuracy  

Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch

Display: Touchscreen | Water Rating: 5 ATM | Heart Rate Tracker: Yes | Activity Tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery Life: 7 days | Weight: 2.72 ounces

The days of training hard with no progress records are now behind you with this smart fitness tracker that helps you track all-day activities, including steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and active minutes as well as view workout summaries.

Go further with the GPS tracking feature of this best fitness tracker and see distance, pace, split times, elevation climbed, and review routes. While on the move, you can see call and text notifications on display, control songs from your mobile playlist, and wirelessly sync your fitness tracker to your computer and over 150 leading smartphones.

Looking for the best fitness tracker that will wake you with a silent alarm, give you automatic wrist-based heart rate as well as track your runs, rides, and other workouts with multi-sport modes, you should not search beyond this smart fitness tracker from Fitbit.

Pros Cons
Robust App Not Waterproof
Easy-to-Use Software  
Bluetooth Compatible  

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch Fitness Band

Display: Curved Super AMOLED | Water Rating: 5ATM | Heart Rate Tracker: Yes | Activity Tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery Life: 5 days | Weight: 1.12 ounces

Crush your fitness goals with the fitness apps in this durable fitness tracker; you can now count every mile on MapMyRun, track your nutrition with MyFitnessPal, all powered by Under Armour.

There is no need to pull out your smartphone when you are on the move; this best fitness tracker allows you to stay focused and still in touch when you get Bluetooth calls, texts, and other app notifications. With the built-in GPS, you can capture each run, ride, and swim with accurate activity tracking. The music storage on this super fitness tracker lets you power through your workout to the beat of your favorite songs.

Perhaps, you have been longing for a fitness tracker to run in the rain or recover in the shower; this swim-ready fitness tracker is the best bet to own the pool and stay on top of your stats while connecting you to the world.

Pros Cons
Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring Average Battery Life
Durable Build  
Automatic Activity Detection  

Polar Vantage V-Premium GPS Multisport Watch

Display: Touchscreen | Water Rating: 3ATM | Heart Rate Tracker: Yes | Activity Tracking: Yes | GPS: | Battery Life: 40 hours | Weight: 0.44 pounds

Discover the winner within you with this smart fitness tracker wrapped comfortably around your wrist, brimming with features to keep you training like a pro.

This first-class fitness tracker allows you to accelerate the effectiveness of your training with advanced running power, ideal for pro athletes. This best fitness tracker has an integrated GPS for accurate speed, distance, and route tracking plus an assisted GPS for fast fix times.

Swimmers can also use this multi-sport fitness tracker, which detects your heart rate, swimming style, distance, pace, strokes, and rest time.
What about staying connected during workouts? This smart fitness tracker allows you to get alerts for incoming calls, messages, calendar events, and more. So, you’re focused and still in touch at the same time.

Probably you are an athlete looking for an ultimate choice in heart rate monitors, an investment in this best fitness tracker is an awarding decision plus capable of standing up to your toilsome training and grueling races while providing a holistic view of your workouts.

Pros Cons
Durable Fitness Watch Limited Notification Support
Innovative Swimming Tracking  
Accurate Heart Rate Sensor  

Coros VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch

Display: 64-Color screen | Water Rating: 15ATM| Heart Rate Tracker: Yes | Activity Tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery Life: 45 days | Weight: 2.72 ounces

Go hiking, running, cycling, swimming, and more in style and for longer with this rugged yet premium fitness tracker that allows you to track the world’s harshest elements with exceptional battery life.

Even with thick climbing gloves on, you can navigate with zoom in/out on Digital Knob, giving you a whole revamped experience. You get to perform at your peak with this best fitness tracker that evaluates your exertion and recommends recovery, thanks to the Precise Training Data.

If you are as specific about your style as you are about your fitness goals, this stylish fitness tracker has a transparent fiber case that adds elegance to your wrist as it is powerful on your adventure.

Pros Cons
Ultra-Light Durability Slightly Dim Display
24/7 Blood Oxygen Monitoring  
Extremely Long Battery Life  

Garmin Approach S62 Premium Golf GPS Watch

Display: Full-Color Touchscreen | Water Rating: 5ATM | Heart Rate Tracker: Yes | Activity Tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery Life: 14 days | Weight: 11.7 ounces

Hey, golfers! Gather round; there is a fitness tracker that puts vital information from more than 41,000 full-color CourseView maps of golf courses from around the world on your wrist!

This everyday wear fitness tracker gives you the power to customize your watch face with any photo from your mobile device and change your watch band as often as you change your course; you don’t only get to own your game, but your watch as well.

When you pair your smartphone to this intuitive fitness tracker, you will get to see the wind speed and direction displayed on the screen to help you figure out the club to use and which direction is much easier to swing.

As a golfer looking to bring an A-game daily in your courses, this specially designed fitness tracker brimming with a zillion features knows the best swing.

Pros Cons
Great Battery Life Not All Exercise Can be Tracked Accurately
Loads of Golfing Features  
Easy-to-Read Full-Color Display  

Polar IGNITE Advanced Waterproof Fitness Watch

Display: Gesture-activated color touchscreen| Water Rating: 3ATM | Heart Rate Tracker: Yes | Activity Tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery Life: 5 days | Weight: 35 grams

Who says you should burnout during a workout? With this superb fitness tracker, there is no need to waste time in search of the right plan for the day as the FitSpark training guide offers ready-made on-demand workouts that fit your fitness goals.

Take time and breathe with the Serene guided breathing exercise in this best fitness tracker that helps you relax your body, calm down your mind, and relieve stress.

This waterproof fitness watch with advanced wrist-based heart rate is a great training partner for cycling, running, and other outdoor workouts, while the integrated GPS and GLONASS track your speed, distance, and route.

If you are a serious athlete looking to push your limits the right way, Polar Ignite is a fitness tracker that is an expert in breaking bonds.

Pros Cons
Excellent Fitness Tracking No Onboard Music Storage
Great App  
Personalized Workouts  

Suunto 9 GPS Sports Watch

Display: Matrix Touchscreen | Water Rating: 10ATM| Heart Rate Tracker: Yes | Activity Tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery Life: 14 days | Weight: 79 grams

Take your training and outdoor experience to whole new levels with the powerful training summary on this best fitness tracker that reveals your daily activities with graphs and lap tables plus your long-term progress with trends and summaries. This fitness watch has expertise in 80+ sports and multi-sport events.

This rugged fitness tracker is ready to go all the way with your fitness goal without blanking out, thanks to the intelligent battery software that helps optimize battery use on the go. The Fused Track Movement sensors of this best fitness tracker are combined with GPS to improve your track and distance accuracy.

Perhaps you are an ultra runner or endurance athlete hunting for the best fitness tracker that is as built to last just like yourself, this fitness tracker from Suunto knows your name and your fitness goals.

Pros Cons
Strava Integration Requires Skills to Operate
Superb Battery Life  
24/7 Activity Tracking  

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

Display: Touchscreen | Water Rating: 5ATM | Heart Rate Tracker: Yes | Activity Tracking: Yes | GPS: No | Battery Life: 7 days | Weight: 7.36 ounces

It could be possible you have been lazy in fulfilling your fitness goals; this latest fitness tracker is ready to lift you off your couch and set you on track in no time, giving you the options to choose from 15+ exercise modes like run, bike, swim, yoga, circuit training and more. You also get real-time stats during your workouts to better your goals.

With the day-to-day apps for weather, get calls, texts, and smartphone app notifications right on your wrist, this smart fitness tracker keeps you connected to your day without losing focus.

Besides, as a female, this sensitive fitness tracker allows you to follow your cycle, log periods, record details, and analyze trends from the Fitbit app. Purchase this best fitness tracker if you want to get a better measure of calories burned, get 24/7 heart tracking while staying faithful to your fitness goals.

Pros Cons
Improved Battery Life Monochrome Display
Support Female Health Features  
Water Resistance  

Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Display: AMOLED touchscreen | Water Rating: 5ATM | Heart Rate Tracker: Yes | Activity Tracking: Yes | GPS: No | Battery Life: 6+ days | Weight: 0.16 ounces

Make your fitness goals a reality when you own this best fitness tracker with guided programs, personalized insights, advanced sleep tools, and thousands of workouts, all packed in the Fitbit app.

This super-smart fitness tracker has Amazon Alexa built-in that allows you to check the weather, set reminders, start an exercise, and more by only pressing the button and saying the word.

With this best fitness tracker, you get to see the quality of each night’s sleep in the Fitbit app via your smartphone and set a smart alarm to wake you up in the utmost sleep stage. Just a glance, and you will see real-time exercise stats on the always-on display mode of this lightweight and comfortable-to-wear fitness tracker.

Your search for the best fitness trackers that work on all platforms has reached its end, seeing that the Fitbit Versa 2 can automatically sync to computers and 200+ iPhone and Android devices to show your stats, trends, and progress.

Pros Cons
Durable No Built-in GPS
Elegant Design  
24/7 Heart Rate Tracking  


Since you have traveled to the end of this page on the best fitness tracker, it is believed that you understand how useful a fitness tracker is to the improvement of your health.

And as always, the selected best fitness trackers are from top brands in the world like Fitbit, Garmin, Suunto, Samsung, Polar, and Coros; all known for reliability and use of superior technology in crafting their fitness trackers.

Without much ado, use the links to buy the ideal fitness tracker that will bring glory to your fitness goals.