Best Electric Bike Of 2021

Best Electric Bike Of 2021

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Best Electric Bikes Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike

  • Powerful 350W Motor
  • Speeds up to 18. 6 mph
  • With an IPX4 Rating and Advanced Rear Suspension
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Eahora AM100 Mountain Electric Bike

  • Adjustable Shimano 9-speed Transmission System
  • Exclusive E-PAS System
  • Adjustable Air Suspension Element
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ANCHEER Electric Bike

  • Large Capacity 10 Ah Lithium-ion Battery
  • 350W Powerful Motor
  • 20-inch Alloy Wheels with Anti-Slip Resistant Thick Tire
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Aceshin 26″ Folding Electric Mountain Bike

  • Front and Rear Disc Brakes and 21-Speed Transmission System
  • Ergonomic Handlebar, Adjustable Seat and RST, Anti-slip and Wear Resistant Tire
  • LED 3-speed Smart Meter Button
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ECOTRIC Powerful Fat Tire Electric Bike

  • 48V/13 AH Removable Lithium Battery
  • Alloy Frame with Streamline Design
  • Outage Braking System and Hydraulic Disc Brake
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Speedrid Electric Snow Bike

  • 48V 500W High-Speed Brushless Motor
  • Up to 22 Miles Per Charge with the Powerful 48V 10Ah Battery
  • Double Layer Aluminum Alloy Wheel Rim
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G-Force S21 Electric Bike

  • Upgraded Version of 250W Motor
  • 48V 10.4A Large-Capacity Battery
  • Equipped with a 3-speed LED Display and a 7-speed Gear
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Hicient Electric Bike

  • 36V 250W High-Speed Brushless Motor
  • 26 inch Bead Spoke Wheels
  • Classic 21 Speed Gear and Top of the Line Disc Brakes
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ENGWE Fat Tire Electric Bike

  • Mechanical Lock Front Suspension Fork and Adjustable Seat and Handlebar
  • 48V 500W Brushless Gear Motor
  • Soft Leather Seat and Fat Tires
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Angotrade 20″ Folding Electric Bike

  • Front-wheel and Rear Disc Brakes
  • 250W High-Speed Brushless Gear Motors
  • LED 3-speed Smart Meter Button
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Are you looking to travel faster to work with no sweats, or you want to improve your fitness as a cyclist?

You’ve arrived on the right page in your search for the best electric bike that will bring the utmost comfort and safety on your daily commute to work or your leisure ride.

Just like hoverboards, electric bikes are rapidly taking over as the future of transportation in today’s world. The best electric bike is sure to take you on all kinds of terrain while keeping you cool and safe. Seeing the loads of benefits electric bikes have to offer, the present market is overflowing with many-sided options of electric bikes, enough to throw in chagrin in your purchase for the ideal electric bike.

We have provided an electric bike buying guide to knock off the anxiety trailing your desire to purchase nothing but a befitting electric bike, with full concentration on the latest features, comfort, speed, and safety. Your only task is to gingerly follow the guide to bring home the best electric bike that suits your lifestyle.

Best Electric Bike Buying Guide

Take the short route home, wave goodbye to crowded buses and enjoy a relaxed and faster ride to and fro work with the most energy-efficient mode of transport known as an electric bike.

Since you are looking to avoid public transport and traffic jams and even keep your body in shape, do well to read through these six factors to hold like an egg before shopping for the ideal electric bike that won’t puncture your pocket.

1. Type

There are varied styles of electric bikes designed for different terrain, from the classic, hybrid, mountain, to folding bikes.

For a leisure trip on mostly flat and paved roads, classic electric bikes are perfect and have few gears and assistance levels, unlike other types of electric bikes. As for hybrid electric bikes, they’re best for work travel, plus it is possible to find many hybrid electric bikes geared with suspension.

Mountain electric bikes are ideal for exploring trails and hills. With the extra suspension, mountain electric bikes are great at easing the impact of bumpy terrain. If you are a commuter or lack storage space in your home for your new electric bike, you might want to consider settling for a folding electric bike.

2. Battery

Of course, an electric bike with a large battery capacity will go a long way. As you shop for the best electric bike, you might want to keep an eye out for the battery charge time.

Note that most batteries will use up to three to five hours to fully charge, while those electric bikes with large-capacity batteries take longer to charge. Plus, buying an additional battery is a good idea if you want to extend the length of your ride.

3. Range

The range that your electric bike can cover will depend on the terrain, the weight of the rider, the outdoor temperature, alongside the level of assistance.

If you plan to ride your electric bike over hilly terrain on full power, it might offer a range of 20miles, whereas a ride on smooth, flat terrain even on the lowest power can go up to 100 miles. For a direct interpretation, the battery range of an average commuter would survive a week of riding on one charge, and as for mountain bikers, the power might only be sufficient for one ride.

4. Motor

The type of motor of an electric bike and its position plays a massive role in determining the impact the electric bike is capable of withstanding and the ease of transporting it. As you shop for your new electric bike, you will find two main types of motor, which are mid-drive and hub-drive motors.

Mid-drive motors are centrally mounted to replace the crankset, providing power directly to the chain. Most electric bikes equipped with mid-drive motors are great at offering balanced and stable rides and are usually highly-priced.

The hub-drive motors sit inside the hub of the rear wheel and are simple to maintain. These models of electric bikes are ideal for flat and urban riding.

5. Weight

Since electric bikes are stuffed with motor and battery, they tend to be heavyweight. In your search for the best electric bike, you should ponder on the weight you can safely maneuver.

6. Features

All your attention shouldn’t only be on the motor and battery of your new electric bike. Do well to look out for safety features like lighting, especially if your electric bike is for commuting, and handlebars mounted LCDs to aid you to monitor your battery life, pedal-assist mode miles ridden, speed, and more.

You will notice high-end electric bikes can connect wirelessly with your smartphones to keep you entertained, especially listening to music via headphones as you enjoy your ride. If you seek an electric bike that can support bulky loads, you should focus on the racks.


Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike

Motor: 350W | Range: 24.9km | Max Speed: 18.6 MPH | Charge Time: 3-4hrs | Wheels: 16″| Weight: 42.3 pounds

This sleek, compact electric bike built for adults and teens is an environmentally-friendly solution for navigating through tough city streets, thanks to the premium materials used in constructing this durable electric bike.

Go the distance with the in-demand features and top specs of this modern electric bike, which includes a 350-watt motor, extended mileage, and a removable 36V lithium-ion battery that recharges fully in less than 4 hours.

In a scenario where you are looking to conserve battery with this best electric bike, you only have to pedal like a traditional bike while switching to powers-assisted pedal-to-go mode to climb steep hills. If you are looking for an electric bike for the long haul, pick this Swagtron electric bike that knows how to handle outdoor rides and rough pavement like a champ.

Pros Cons
Superior Stability Throttle Issues
Long-Lasting Battery  
Exceptional Build Quality  

Eahora AM100 Mountain Electric Bike

Motor: 350W | Range: 60-80miles | Max Speed: 22 MPH |Number of Speeds: 9 | Charge Time: 5-6hrs | Wheels: 27.5″ | Weight: 52 pounds

Whether it’s off-road hills, jungle trails or city roads, snow beaches, this professional mountain electric bike equipped with a powerful motor, Shimano 9-speed shifter system, full-aluminum PRO WHEEL crankset, and positioning chain is capable of making a smooth transition.

This best electric bike has a handmade leather handle and thumb throttle that are easy to control while providing riders enough space to move around. You will be delighted at the fast and stable braking of this superior electric bike to ensure your safe riding. To further improve your riding comfort, the suspension absorber effectively filters out vibrations on bumpy roads.

For an incredible mountain adventure and city commute riding, settle for this durable electric bike with ultimate freedom as you venture off the beaten path.

Pros Cons
Smart Cruise Control Saddle Shape Might not Suit All
Unparalleled Comfort and Adaptability  
Incredible Braking and Cooling Performance  

ANCHEER Electric Bike

Motor: 350W | Range: 21-43miles | Max Speed: 18.5 MPH |Number of Speeds: 6 | Charge Time: 4-6hrs | Wheels: 20″ | Weight: 42 pounds

Get a soft, smooth ride with less bounce when you ride this best electric bike, perfect for most types of terrain and riding conditions.

Say goodbye to back strains with a longer stem length to bring in a more upright position during rides while adjusting the hand bar angle of this sturdy electric bike for better comfort.

The high-speed brushless motor of this modern electric bike is capable of powering your daily commute, a cruise on the mountain, or a ride along your favorite trail with a speed that will get you there swiftly. The light frame, ergonomic, streamlined design, and sturdy body, which can load up to 220lbs, confirms that this best electric bike has come to last a lifetime.

If you seek an electric bike with powerful, progressive braking that won’t desert you even in rainy conditions, go for the ANCHEER electric bike and overcome hills and bumpy roads.

Pros Cons
Powerful Motor Tasking to Assemble
Excellent Terrain Adaptability  
Accurate and Smooth Shifting  

Aceshin 26″ Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Motor: 250W | Range: 25-50km | Max Speed: 30 KMH | Number of Speeds: 21 | Charge Time: 4-6hrs | Wheels: 26″| Weight: 53 pounds

Travel further and save energy with the lightweight and efficient design of this best electric bike. The ergonomic hand bar, adjustable seat and RST, anti-slip, and wear-resistant tire make this electric bike easy to maneuver. With the large-capacity removable lithium battery and the fast charging time of this smart electric bike, you get to enjoy long-distance riding.

For the completion of your journey with no cause to stop halfway, this electric bike wields front and rear disc brakes, and a 21-speed transmission system to adjust to a suitable speed as you journey, and perfect brakes to keep you safe. With the bright LED headlamp and horn on this modern electric bike, there is no need to fret during night riding.

If you are looking for the ideal bike to aid you smoothly and rapidly pull away from traffic, this versatile electric bike with three working modes and is made of high-carbon steel plus packed with premium comfort shock absorption is a worthy choice.

Pros Cons
Sleek, Foldable Design Scarce Replacement Battery
Superior Security Features  
High-Quality Material  

ECOTRIC Powerful Fat Tire Electric Bike

Motor: 1,000W | Range: 25miles | Max Speed: 26 MPH | Number of Speeds: 7 | Charge Time: 6-8hrs |  Wheels: 26″ | Weight: 55 pounds

Transform the way you ride with this superior electric bike geared with an outage braking system and hydraulic disc brake, which work along both lines to provide security for your trip.

Since this electric bike comes with a removable lithium battery, you can carry the battery to your home or office to recharge, plus there is a battery lock and power lock function to keep your battery secured.

The tires of this sturdy electric bike can adapt to snow, sand, and other complex topography, allowing you to ride on any surfaces without hassle. This powerful electric bike with an alloy frame is capable of taking you on any trip at your preferred speed while keeping you safe throughout.

If you long for every moment of your journey to be filled with freedom and happiness, whether on your way back from work or in your spare time, pick this superior electric bike loaded with the latest technology and transform your ride.

Pros Cons
Excellent Speed Brake Rotors Easily Distort
Superb Battery Life  
Durable Material  

Speedrid Electric Snow Bike

Motor: 500W | Range: 22 -40miles | Max Speed: 22-23 MPH | Number of Speeds: 7 | Charge Time: 6-8hrs | Wheels: 26″ | Weight: 59 pounds

There is no need to limit your ride to one type of terrain; expand your horizons with this versatile electric bike that is capable of being ridden on rail trails, gravel, city streets, back roads, and bike path. You get to ride it all!

This fat tire electric bike comes with all the features you need to ensure top performance while riding out. With the combination of seven-speed gearing and five kevels pedal assistance, you are sure of no issues whatsoever as the high-strength shock-absorbing forks and tires absorb any bumps on your way down the trail.

Although the battery of this best electric bike is easy to remove, it is super-secure while riding and can be charged at any household outlet on or off your electric bike.

Probably you ate searching for an electric bike with powerful, progressive braking in different road conditions while maintaining a comfortable pedaling speed, settle for the Speedrid electric bike and ride freely.

Pros Cons
Great Quality Vague Manual Instructions
Awesome Price Point  
Excellent Battery Power  

G-Force S21 Electric Bike

Motor: 500W | Range: 30-45miles | Max Speed: 25 MPH | Number of Speeds: 7 | Charge Time: 6hrs  | Wheels: 26″ | Weight: 40 pounds

This superior electric bike is specially designed for cross-country sports while providing a comfortable riding experience. For easy adaptability on various roads, this best electric bike comes with front hydraulic shock absorption, a high-powered motor, and a large-capacity battery.

With the G-Force electric bike, enjoying a comfortable and safe outdoor riding experience is a reality as the front fork hydraulic shock absorption effectively reduces the bumpy feelings of the road, and the excellent disc brakes provide powerful braking capabilities. Plus, the handlebar of this best electric bike adopts non-slip material, a comfortable and safe design concept.

In case you want to better experience the fun of riding, the pedal assist function of this cross-country electric bike is at your service to let you experience the freedom of riding more effortlessly. To get all the comfort as you tread different surfaces, buy this prime electric bike.

Pros Cons
Good Speed Frangible Tires
Breezy to Assemble  
Excellent Braking System  

Hicient Electric Bike

Motor: 250W | Range: 22-28km | Max Speed: 22-30 kmh | Number of Speeds: 21 | Charge Time: 4-6hrs | Wheels: 26″| Weight: 54.23 pounds

With the incredibly capable and versatile design of this best electric bike, there is no off-season. You get to bike regardless of the weather.

The 21-speed gears on this excellent electric bike enable you to maintain a comfortable pedaling speed without worrying about your terrain. The high-speed brushless motor embedded in this prime electric bike is capable of providing you with more than enough power for your various riding lifestyle. With a high-quality aluminum alloy frame, this durable electric bike offers nothing short of premium comfort and complete safety during rides.

Probably you are looking to enjoy long time travel, and also exercise, this best electric bike with three riding modes is ready to take you anywhere from wet stone to muddy paths, sand beach, and even snowy hills.

Pros Cons
Highly Durable Electric Bike Complex Components
Excellent Safety Functions  
Powerful and Reliable Braking  

ENGWE Fat Tire Electric Bike

Motor: 500W | Range: 25 miles | Max Speed: 22 MPH | Number of Speeds: 7 | Charge Time: 4-5 he’s | Wheels: 20″ | Weight: 64 pounds

Enjoy riding in a healthy way with this sleek electric bike that adheres to the concept of green and low-carbon life plus loaded with smart features for a comfortable and safe riding experience.

With the intelligent display on this electric bike, you will get all the information you need to keep you going, like battery power, current speed, and travel distance. The soft saddle of this electric bike allows for safer riding while the twist throttle provides ease of control.

For smoother shifting, a full set of Shimano shifting systems is ready to bring you all the performance that you need. Looking to travel far and in a new way, purchase this best electric bike.

Pros Cons
Foldable Design No Dire Issues
Comfortable and Adjustable Seat  
High-Performance Battery  

Angotrade 20″ Folding Electric Bike

Motor: 250W | Range: 35-70km  | Max Speed: 25-35kmh |  Number of Speeds: 21 | Charge Time: 4-6hrs | Wheels: 20″ | Weight: 55.12 pounds

Wave goodbye to squeezing yourself in crowded buses and relax after work as you ride home on this super fashion folding electric bike packed with the latest technology.

This best electric bike comes with a new motor technology with strong power, breezy climbing, new motor structure, effectively increase battery life plus faster and smoother power output.

You also get to deal with all kinds of weather and roads more safely when riding this first-class electric bike. With upgraded disc brakes that are easy to operate and very sensitive, you are sure to get maximum personal safety.

After a long ride, you can easily fold your electric bike to store in the car or the house. For a perfect climbing ability, this electric bike is your best catch for daily commuting or short trips.

Pros Cons
Easy to Assemble No Acute Problems
Extremely Comfortable  
Easy to Maneuver  


Bear in mind that the best electric bikes encountered on this page are from renowned bike manufacturers dedicated to satisfying the transportation needs of varied riders with innovative electric bikes packed with cutting-edge technology and built with high-quality materials.

With that noted, you can now use the links to bring home your winner electric bike and revel in the extra power electric bikes grant without a hitch.