Cleaning Tips Every Clothes Dryer Owner Must Know

Cleaning Tips Every Clothes Dryer Owner Must Know

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There are lots of reasons why cleaning your clothes dryer is crucial. Once you know how to clean your clothes dryer, you get to keep your clothes in perfect shape and speed up drying times, most importantly, you get to improve the performance of your clothe dryer and eliminate fire hazards.

If you are an owner of a clothes dryer and have noticed that your clothes don’t dry thoroughly or quickly as when it was newly bought, it is time to give proper cleaning attention and routine maintenance to your clothes dryer. To help your clothes dryer operate efficiently, cleaning the dryer vent should be a regular priority. See how to clean your clothes dryer below.

Quick Clothes Dryer Cleaning Tips

  1. First thing first, turn off and unplug your clothes dryer from the socket. For gas clothe dryers turn off the gas before kicking off your cleaning.
  2. Drag out your clothes dryer so as to be able to reach the vent duct. Once there, unscrew the clamp holding the vent pipe to the wall opening. Look out for cracks on the vent piping and try to replace them if the need arises.
  3. Inspect the vent for clogs and carefully remove it with your hands if any. For further cleaning, equip yourself with special clothes dryer vent cleaning tools. Also, be prepared to clean the vent tube and other disconnected components as well.
  4. Use the cleaning tools to clean as much lint and as deep as possible.
  5. Keep a thorough eye on the exterior vent opening usually located either outside the wall or on your roof. Then with gloved hands carefully remove any clogs within reach. Look out for objects obstructing the airflow around the exterior vent such as plantings installing a special ventilation cover will solve these problems.
  6. When you are inside fasten the vent back to your clothes dryer and vacuum any lint that fell off in the course of cleaning.
  7. Then, push your clothes dryer back into place. Switch the power on and start your clothes dryer, let it run on an empty dryer cycle for 10 – 15 minutes. This is to help blow out any reminder debris and confirm that the vent is clean and free of clogs.