Best Refrigerator Of 2021

Best Refrigerator Of 2021

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Best Refrigerators Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

Daewoo French Door Refrigerator

  • Anti-Fingerprint Finish
  • Adjustable Glass Shelving
  • Temperature-Controlled Drawer
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Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator

  • 20.8 Cubic Feet Top Freezer
  • Interior Long-lasting LED Lighting
  • Gallon Door Bins
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SMAD Propane Refrigerator

  • Compact Size Refrigerator
  • Adjustable Thermostat 
  • No Noise
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Dukers D55R Commercial Refrigerator

  • Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior for Durability
  • Digital Temperature Controls with LED Display 
  • 40.7 Cubic feet Capacity
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Danby Outdoor Mini Refrigerator

  • Rate IPX4 Water Ingress Protection
  • Cooling Capacity in a Tropical Environment (109°F / 43°C)
  • Waterproof Electrical Housing
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Amaste Free Standing Wine Refrigerator

  • Dual-Zone Temperature Stability
  • High-Efficiency Compressor
  • Quiet and Low Vibration
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SMETA Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

  • Humidity-Controlled Crisper
  • Door Open Alarm
  • French door Compartment of 20.66 Cubic Feet
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Haier Four Doors Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

  • Counter-Depth Design
  • Touch Temperature Controls
  • 16.4 Cubic Feet Capacity
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GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator

  • Adjustable Door Bins
  • Glass Freezer Shelves
  • Arctic Icemaker
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COSTWAY Chest Freezer Refrigerator

  • Multi-use Design
  • Adjustable Temperature Control 
  • Fast Cooling Between -0.4℉ to 50℉ 
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Gone are the days purchasing a refrigerator for your home or kitchen was a piece of cake. Today, with the construction of different designs from the growing numbers of refrigerator brands, picking a suitable refrigerator for your style, space and budget have become an ordeal.

So if you’re still reading, be sure to find the ticket to buy the right refrigerator on this page.

This post on the best refrigerator will help you not only to select a refrigerator that will better cool and store your food and drinks, but equipped with leading-edge features that will fill the bill for each one of your refrigerating needs.

Let’s say you are looking to replace a rackety model that is breaking the serenity in your living space or you are seeking to buy a refrigerator that will shift the gears of your kitchen to look like the heart of the universe without burning your pockets, we have put together a point-by-point guide to see you through the hot water of taking the right choice to buy an ideal refrigerator.

Best Refrigerators Buying Guide

Everyone knows that a kitchen in this modern age is barren without a refrigerator to preserve groceries and chill drinks, except various colors and types of refrigerators pop up in one’s face during shopping.

However, hold dear these five factors that will inspire certainty while you leap to purchase a reliable refrigerator that will bring contentment to your living space.

1. Size

Before you buy a refrigerator, measure the space you want to put it. Also, check to see that there is room for the door to swing open and reserve space around the new refrigerator for ventilation.

This measurement is done to avoid buying the wrong size of the refrigerator for your home or kitchen especially if you are upgrading an old model, carefully mark out the size of the new one because it might not tally with the old refrigerator.

For smooth shopping, remember that the regular size of a refrigerator may stand apart based on their styles. The average refrigerator measures around 28 to 39 inches in width, 28 to 35 inches in depth, and 61 to 71 in height.

2. Capacity

This factor sings a different tune from family to family. The size of your family should determine the storage capacity of your new refrigerator.

If you cook daily and for a large number of people, a refrigerator with a storage capacity of up to 23 to 33 cubic feet is the best buy. A small-sized family should pay attention to a refrigerator with a storage capacity of around 19 to 22 cubic feet.

3. Type

This is where the shape or type of the best refrigerator you want plays out. Before you buy the right refrigerator for space you have created in your kitchen or home, cogitate on the type of refrigerator that will provide the most comfortable way of reaching your groceries as well as a breeze to reach even while cleaning.

Modern refrigerators come in many creative configurations. There are five popular types of refrigerators which are the top freezer, the side-by-side, the bottom freezer, the french door, and mini-refrigerators.

The top freezer refrigerators are classic and cost-effective. They come with a freezer on the top and a single wide-swinging door that swiftly grant access to stored things like vegetables and fruits while scrooching down to reach the lower shelves. If you are on a budget and eat more frozen than fresh food, then this type of refrigerator will be delighted to care for your food.

For the bottom freezer refrigerator, the reverse is the case as the fridge compartment is on top while the freezer compartment is located at the bottom. If crouching is a problem and you are addicted to using the fridge compartment than the freezer, this type of refrigerator is a perfect purchase.

Just like the name, the side-by-side refrigerator features the freezer on one side and the fridge on the other side. This refrigerator grants rapid access to frozen and unfrozen food all at once.

The french door refrigerators tend to be popular and pricey. This is because of its elegant designs that don’t eat up a lot of space in your kitchen with two narrow-swinging doors on top and a freezer below. Purchase a french door refrigerator if money is no bother and you prioritize smart living.

The mini-refrigerators are tinier and movable with a single door to fit the smallest space in your kitchen or home and best for the temporary storage of snacks or sodas.

The bottom line is to be dedicated to choosing the right refrigerator that will suit your lifestyle.

4. Features

Since modern refrigerators are overflowing with features to meet your needs. Think about the eating patterns of your family and the foodstuff you want to store in the new refrigerator. This way it will be effortless to purchase the refrigerator with the best features to cover your family’s needs and bring fun to the center of your kitchen.

There are specific features to keep your eyes peeled on while shopping for the ideal refrigerator such as better shelves and drawers to carry larger and taller food items without spilling out, temperature controls to decide the coldness of your refrigerator in special zones.

Some modern refrigerators come with freshness features like Air Purifiers to evict bacteria, Dual Evaporators to maintain higher humidity levels in the fridge as well as prevent freezer odor, while Vacuum-Sealed Crisper Drawers keep your food fresher.

Other features like Ice and Water Dispenser, Door-in-Door Storage Access, are designed to bring convenience to your living space.

5. Finish

There is no prouder feeling like when your refrigerator seamlessly blends with the decoration of your kitchen. Therefore, you should focus on the best refrigerator with a perfect exterior finish.

Some refrigerators are finished in black, white, plain, and even wood, whereas many show up in stainless steel which is famous for its sleek, shiny appearance and readiness to harmonize with the style of any kitchen.


Daewoo French Door Refrigerator

Size: 33.78 × 35.98 × 69.8 inches | Refrigerator Capacity: 17.7 cubic feet| Freezer Capacity: 7.8 cubic feet | Weight: 331 pounds | Drawers/Shelves: 10/5

There is no need to worry about your old refrigerator with the Daewoo RFS-26DTJE french door refrigerator standing in your kitchen and packed with features to improve the health of your foods.

This best refrigerator comes with single lever water and ice dispenser with LED touch control for easy use and an easy-to-clean anti-fingerprint finish which summons elegance to the heart of your kitchen. The temperature-controlled full-width pantry drawer is designed to optimally store all your food items like cheeses, meats, deli items, and more.

For a large family looking to store enormous items like large containers of juice or milk without a struggle, the capacious door bins are present to grant the ease, while the adjustable glass shelves freely accommodate taller food items like beverages and large jars than ever before.

Probably you are searching for a refrigerator that combines luxury with usability, this family-oriented sleek refrigerator with a total capacity of 26 cubic feet, brimming with components to meet everyday storage needs like the Humidity Control, Neutral Fresh, and Icemaker will give you the most value for every dollar spent.

Pros Cons
Stylish Look Slow-response Ice Dispenser
Worth the Price  

Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator

Size: 33.8 × 32.87 × 66.1 inches| Freezer Capacity: 5.8 cubic feet | Voltage: 120 volts | Weight: 221 pounds

This huge top freezer refrigerator from Kenmore with an internal space of 20.8 cubic feet is on target for storing a variety of food items, featuring full-width adjustable glass shelves and two plastic bottom-mount crisper drawers to keep your veggies and fruits fresh and chilly.

It is bye-bye to the days of sweating and shoving food items to fit into your refrigerator as the convenient door storage of this best refrigerator like the gallon door bins makes it as simple as ABC to store tall items and beverages with more space left for bottles of wine and water.

If you yearn to get an almost limitless interior organization options and a spacious freezer to keep your frozen food frost-free, the Kenmore 61212 refrigerator is a fantastic buy, capable of providing you with the best refrigerating performance.

Pros Cons
A Favourable Size for All No Ice Maker
Energy Efficient Noise Issue
Fast Cooling  
A Solid Finish  
Easy to Clean  

SMAD Propane Refrigerator

Size: 20.6 × 23.2 × 32.2 inches | Freezer capacity: 0.5 cubic feet | Refrigerator capacity: 3.0 cubic feet | Power: 150 watts | Voltage: 12 volts | Weight: 75.5 pounds

This best propane refrigerator with a single door gives you the ability to have a working refrigerator while off-grid with reliable quality, beautiful design, easy-to-use digital control, and other amazing features to bring satisfaction to your living space.

Everything about this best refrigerator screams simplicity and safety with battery ignition and valve that allows for straightforward operation and white interiors of three adjustable shelves, a chill box, and three balconies that permits smooth storage and take out of food items.

The 3.5 cubic feet internal capacity of this compact-sized refrigerator which runs on either propane or electric is best for individuals living in a dormitory or need a secondary refrigerator.

Perchance you are searching for a small, superb refrigerator that will provide you with space-saving benefits, do not look beyond this SMAD XCD100-4 propane refrigerator, also built to be used in any place even in an RV or a truck.

Pros Cons
Low Cost Snappy Usage of Propane
Super Quiet  
Easy to Handle  

Dukers D55R Commercial Refrigerator

Size: 55  × 33 × 80 inches | Power: 730 watts | Voltage: 115 volts | Weight: 463 pounds | Capacity: 40.74 cubic feet | Wheel Diameter: 4 inches

The Dukers commercial refrigerator is armed to bring absolute contentment to your business needs with a massive internal capacity for excellent performance and an interior/exterior high-quality polished stainless steel that blends with multifold of decors.

This long-lasting refrigerator is heavily loaded with features such as digital temperature controls with LED display for precise adjustment, eight flexible shelves, interior light to illuminate food and other items, a heavy-duty 1 HP bottom-mounted compressor for superior efficiency and better cooling, and lots of other overwhelming features to bestow your business with outstanding refrigerating performance.

For extra benefit, this best refrigerator comes with self-closing doors to put your busy hands at rest. If you are looking for a commercial refrigerator that is not only strong to store large farm produce but also easy to use, think of Dukers D55R refrigerator as the perfect investment for your business.

Pros Cons
Durable Eats Up Space
Remarkable Shelving System  
Tremendously Spacious  
No Roaring Fan Noise  
Great Value for Money  

Danby Outdoor Mini Refrigerator

Size: 21.31 × 20.75 × 33.06 inches | Weight: 68 pounds | Capacity: 4.4 cubic feet | Voltage: 120 volts

The backyard party won’t be lively if this sleek Danby outdoor refrigerator doesn’t tag along to give you an exceptional outdoor refrigerating performance.

As a life-of-the-party, this refrigerator is built to withstand exterior conditions with the four rust-resistant castors for easy movability, waterproof electrical housing, and water-resistant coating.

This strong mini refrigerator is brimming with features like the two glass shelves for maximum storage, an additional clear vegetable crisper for vegetables and fruits plus an extra half shelf for snacks or drinks, and more; all of which improve functionality in an entertaining scene.

Perhaps you are planning to throw a party in an outdoor environment or you are looking to own a small-sized refrigerator for your patio, purchase this portable outdoor refrigerator and enjoy the added fun.

Pros Cons
Roomy Interiors Non-Reversible Door
Superb For Outdoor No Freezer
Stylish Appearance  
Low Fan Noise  

Amaste Free Standing Wine Refrigerator

Size: 33.5 × 16.9 × 18.9 inches | Weight: 60.8 pounds | Power: 110 watts | Shelves: 29

A cold bottle of wine from this Amaste wine refrigerator will leave you fascinated with its superior performance.

This modern wine refrigerator is packed with cutting-edge features to take productivity to a whole new level like the dual temperature zone that allows you to fine-tune your wine storage, a cooling system that maintains a steady temperature for your wine, an anti-frost tempered glass that protects the wine from light, and an advanced internal air circulation system that allows air circulate in the cooler cabinet.

In this capacious refrigerator, you can store up to 29 different bottles of wine while the blue interior LED light assists you to quickly identify and read the labels on the wine bottles.

If you are looking to buy a wine refrigerator that will create a safe and cool environment for your aging bottles of wine as well as prevent a change in the flavor of your wine, this is your ideal refrigerator.

Pros Cons
Large Capacity Low Shelf Heights
Noiseless Operation  
Reversible Door  
Great for Wine Storage  

SMETA Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Size: 35.9 × 30.8 × 69.9 inches| Weight: 293 pounds | Refrigerator Capacity: 14.7 cubic feet | Freezer Capacity: 6 cubic feet | Power: 310 watts | Voltage: 115 volts | Drawers/Shelves: 7/5

This high-efficiency bottom freezer refrigerator is designed to meet your family needs with a total capacity of 20.7 cubic feet that is enough to provide refrigerating and freezing room for your food and drinks, a dual cycle air cooling system that creates a frost-free environment for your food items while avoiding the spread of odor, five deep door shelves that securely hold bottles to avoid spilling out, an auto ice maker that makes pure ice cubes by just adding water, plus a 3D LED light with subtle lighting to store and access your food without trouble.

Looking for a voguish refrigerator that will easily match the style of your kitchen, this SMETA SBCD-590 refrigerator that is a great deal for the satisfaction of your family’s needs should come home to you.

Pros Cons
Excellent Value for Money Slow Ice Production
Neat and Stylish Design  
Fit for Large Family  

Haier Four Doors Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Size: 32.75 × 26/5 × 71 inches | Refrigerator Capacity: 11.19 cubic feet | Freezer Capacity: 5.54 cubic feet | Voltage: 115 volts

Create an ideal, cozy environment for your food with this Haier quad doors refrigerator that hits the market with up-to-the-minute features to fulfill most of your needs.

Some of the features in this modish refrigerator are a dedicated high/low humidity crisper to keep your greens safe and fresh, LED lighting to provide bright light while using less energy, six encapsulated door bins to contain sundry food items, quick cool and quick freeze function to accelerate the cooling and freezing of stored foods, sabbath mode functionality, and capacitive touch display; all of which are known to keep your food in good condition.

If you cook daily and in search of a counter depth refrigerator that will unite with the surrounding cabinetry in your kitchen, this sublime Haier HRQ16N3BGS refrigerator is an answered prayer.

Pros Cons
Sturdy and Sleek Design Door Style Might Not Suit All
Easy Setup  
Lots of Internal Space  

GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Size: 35.25 × 35.75 × 69.5 inches | Weight: 330 pounds | Freezer Capacity: 9.25 cubic feet | Refrigerator Capacity: 16.07 cubic feet | Voltage: 120 volts

The design of this side-by-side refrigerator from GE dances to the rhythm of today’s kitchen as well as equipped with features to bring enjoyment to your living space with a large capacity of 25.3 cubic feet that is suitable for a big family, adjustable door bins to store large items like milk and other gallon-sized containers, multi-level drawers to keep food fresh, LED lighting to sharply find all your favorite food, spillproof glass shelves to help contain spills, and the advanced water filtration to reduce traces of pharmaceuticals from water and ice.

Transform your kitchen to the center of the universe with the GE GSS25GSHSS refrigerator created to satisfy your refrigerating needs.

Pros Cons
Easy Cleanup Issues of Door Hinges
High-end Appearance  
Stable Temperature  

COSTWAY Chest Freezer Refrigerator

Size: 32 × 24 × 19 inches | Weight: 64 pounds | Capacity: 3.2 cubic feet | Voltage: 110/12 volts | Power: 70 watts

This chest freezer refrigerator keeps everything cool regardless of the time and place with a huge capacity that holds a great number of drinks and food.

Other features designed to tackle your many needs in this portable refrigerator are a compressor cooling technology that allows for fast and efficient cooling of food items with variable control, battery protection with three different levels to protect your vehicle battery, and more!

In the dire search for a car freezer that can serve as a refrigerator and freezer, this durable COSTWAY 23823-CYPE is the real deal and ideal for personal space, traveling, and camping.

Pros Cons
Ultra Cooling Performance No Humidity Control
Rugged Design  
Perfect for Every Use  


To be on this part of this post on the best refrigerator shows that you have mastered the factors and features to help you buy an ideal refrigerator from the list of top brands of refrigerator like GE, Costway, Haier, Kenmore, Daewoo, Amaste, and others.

Hence, you are good to take that smooth jump to buy the best refrigerator.