Best Humidifier Of 2021

Best Humidifier Of 2021

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Best Humidifiers Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Humidifiers for Babies, Children, Adults
  • Filtered Cool Moisture
  • 1 Gallon Tank Runs Up to 24 Hours
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Everlasting Comfort Humidifier

  • 6 Liter (1.6 gallons) Tank, with a Super High Mist Output
  • Essential Oil Tray
  • Filterless Design
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Air Innovations Humidifier

  • Permanent Ceramic Filter
  • Runs Up to 96 Hours on One Tank
  • Anti-microbial Tank
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Pure Enrichment MistAire XL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  • 10 to 24 Hours of Continuous Operation
  • Large Tank and Powerful Steam Output
  • Automatic Shut-Off
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Elechomes SH8830 Humidifier

  • Built-in Accurate Humidistat and Intelligent Constant Humidity System
  • Up to 72 Hours of Run Time
  • High-frequency Atomization System
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Pure Guardian H4750AR Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  • 2 Gallon Tank Covers 600 sq. ft. Rooms
  • Aromatherapy Tray
  • Silver Clean Protected Tank
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Keecoon Smart Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home for Voice Control
  • Up to 24 Hours of Working
  • 3 Mist Settings
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BONECO U700 Warm or Cool Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • Unique Self-cleaning Mode
  • Digital Display
  • Recommended for Large Rooms Up to 1000 sq. ft.
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Dyson AM10 Humidifier

  • Through Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology
  • Intelligent Climate Control
  • Dual Functionality
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Stadler Form 0-021 OSKAR Evaporative Cool Mistless Humidifier

  • Fragrance Dispenser for Calming Aromatic Oils
  • Emits Up to 2. 4 Gallons Per Day
  • 2 Output Levels
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When the indoor humidity level is not ideal, the body begins to grow restless and in need of a humidifier for relief. With a climate that changes like wildfire, you will concur that enough moisture in the air is crucial to avoid nose bleed, nasal congestion, eye irritation, coughs, and many other uncomfortable symptoms. And you need the best humidifier on the market to ensure a healthy indoor climate.

Since you are on this page, it is no doubt that you are looking for the best humidifier to safeguard your health and protect your home’s furniture from the effects of dry air.

We have gathered the latest humidifiers out of the many models on the present market known to resurrect health and homes from parched to pleasant. Be rest assured that the ideal humidifier that fits your room size and lifestyle are on this page.

Best Humidifier Buying Guide

How about investing in the best humidifiers on this page rather than burn your money purchasing expensive lotions in the bid to fight dryness?

You only have to carefully follow these five key factors to help you buy the ideal humidifier that will improve your indoor comfort.

1. Type

You will find different types of humidifiers stacked up on today’s market with unique advantages and disadvantages. The types of humidifiers include warm mist and cool mist humidifiers.

Warm mist humidifiers operate by heating water to the boiling point like electric kettles do, killing germs and impurities before converting it to warm, cozy moisture. They are usually the most affordable and healthiest humidifiers, although they consume more electricity than other types. If the great deal of energy consumed by a warm mist humidifier is not a bother, you should consider buying one of the best to keep you warm during the winter seasons.

Cool mist humidifiers are perfect for easier breathing if you have a cold since the temperature of the water in the tank doesn’t change before being released into the atmosphere. Cool mist humidifier comes in two variants, evaporative and Ultrasonic.

Evaporative humidifiers use a fan to push air through a wet wick while Ultrasonic humidifiers operate with a nebulizer to create a soothing mist. In your search for a quiet humidifier for your bedroom or home office, you should settle for an ultrasonic humidifier. Unlike an evaporative humidifier with a sometimes noisy fan during operation, an ultrasonic humidifier is good at maintaining peace during runtime.

2. Space

Is your new humidifier for a single room or the whole house?

The first step to take in your journey for the best humidifier is to decide on how much space you want to humidify. To be sure of the size of the humidifier you need, measure the square footage of your room.

If you plan on adding moisture to a single room, focus on tabletop humidifiers that will stand comfortably on your bedside table. These humidifiers are usually compact; nearly the size of a microwave oven, easy to move, and have a small tank that will require frequent water refills.

Let’s say you want to add moisture to the whole house; a console humidifier will do the job best. They are capable of providing moisture to spaces of up to 3,000 square feet since they have a larger water tank to disperse lots of moist air.

3. Tank Size

Humidifiers have varied water holding capacity. How big the size of the tank is should be a concern if you want your new humidifier to run for a longer period.

Humidifiers with small tank sizes are capable of holding around 200-300ml of water, which runs down within 8-12 hours and needs refilling probably twice daily.

As for humidifiers with larger tank sizes, they take away the stress of constant water refills with a capacity of about 1-6 gallons and operate for up to 20-60 hours or above. Be vigilant of the tank size of the new humidifier you want to buy.

4. Maintainance

Because you must clean your humidifier often to avoid the growth of bacteria, see that the humidifier you want to bring home is easier to clean. For daily draining, rinsing, and drying of your humidifier, you might want to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Features

Some humidifiers come with extra features for extra convenience. These features increase with the price.

You will notice features such as mist adjustment to control the amount of dispersed mist, night light to help you sleep better at night as well as see the water level in the tank. There is also an auto-shutdown to power off your humidifier after a set time or when the tank is empty, a built-in hygrometer to alert you of the humidity level in your environment, and many more appealing features.

While shopping, look for the ideal humidifier with features that work best for you.


Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Tank Capacity: 1.1 Gallon | Run Time: 24 hours | Room Size: Medium | Weight: 9.4 pounds | Dimensions: 17.9″ × 9.37″ × 11.4″

Honeywell humidifier comes equipped to help relieve congestion, protect your furniture, help you breathe better, and even reduce static electricity with up-to-minute technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria in water for the benefit of your health and home.

This cool-mist humidifier is ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, and any medium-sized rooms in your home, with regards to the large water tank that runs for a long time while adding cool moisture to dry air at the minimal sound.

If you don’t mind the space-eating size of this best humidifier and you are looking to sleep more comfortably, this quiet humidifier can quickly cool and moisturize your room.

Pros Cons
Easy to Clean Obtrusive Design
Intuitive Settings  
Improved Air Circulation  

Everlasting Comfort Humidifier

Tank Capacity: 1.6 Gallons | Run Time: 50 hours | Room Size: 500 Square Feet | Weight: 3.1 pounds | Dimensions: 11″ × 7″ × 13″

This best humidifier is the perfect comfort for everyday life, from working, relaxing to meditation, and sleeping. With a fully adjustable mist control knob, this durable humidifier helps to soothe dry, itchy skin and ensures your home remains above the recommended 43% humidity levels.

Say you have a large room that needs humidifying; this ultrasonic humidifier will work best there and will last six nights of deep, relaxing sleep between refills. With the oil diffuser feature of this best humidifier, you get to enjoy a more restful night. Just add your favorite essential oil and have the rest you deserve.

Are you looking for an excellent humidifier for your baby? Get this prime humidifier featuring a blue LED night light and runs at a whisper with auto safety shut-off. This best humidifier is the perfect room essential that your house, college dorm, office, nursery, or apartment will be safe to owe.

Pros Cons
Effortless to Maintain No External Tank Handles
Highly Durable  
Uniform Mist and Vapor Dispersal  

Air Innovations Humidifier

Tank Capacity: 1.7 Gallons | Run Time: 96 hours | Room Size: 600 Square Feet | Weight: 3.83 pounds | Dimensions: 8.00″ × 8.00″ × 18.50″

Because a humidifier is a crucial part of your home, this elegant humidifier is brimming with features to keep your family as healthy as possible. With this best humidifier sitting in your home, you get rehydrated skin, relieved dry eyes and scratchy throats, reduced snoring so you can sleep better, and also rehydrated wood furniture, cabinets, wood floors, and wooden guitars.

There is an advanced digital interface on this best humidifier to alert you when your humidifier is out of the water, plus a 15″ extension nozzle that allows you to enjoy your humidifier in every room of your home. For added convenience, this sleek humidifier comes with a remote for a breezy control of all settings.

After a difficult day, you can elevate your mood and relieve stress with the aromatherapy feature of this best humidifier that generates a warm, inviting environment for you and your home. Get this smart humidifier from Air Innovations and bask in the cool mist of the longest-running and most versatile humidifier in town.

Pros Cons
Quiet Operation Condensation Affects Display
Extremely Easy to Use  
Anti-Bacteria Infused Tank  

Pure Enrichment MistAire XL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Tank Capacity: 1 Gallon | Run Time: 24 hours | Room Size: 500 Square Feet | Weight: 1.1 pounds | Dimensions: 10″ × 8″ × 13″

It’s time to achieve your ideal comfort level with this ultrasonic cool mist humidifier famous for making any room more comfortable and relieving dryness with the latest technology.

The two different nozzle options of this best humidifier make it ideal for large rooms as it rotates 360 degrees, giving you the power to control the direction of the mist in your home. A calming atmosphere is something this modern humidifier creates with ease, thanks to the whisper-quiet operation that is silent enough to allow for a sound sleep.

Looking for the humidifier that will help you fight dry skin, relieve congestion, cough, and dry throat without having to empty your pockets, you should pick this powerful humidifier for long-lasting relief.

Pros Cons
Powerful Steam Output Only One Button for All Settings
Noiseless Operation  
Breezy to Clean  

Elechomes SH8830 Humidifier

Tank Capacity: 1.72 Gallons | Run Time: 72 hours | Room Size: 861 Square Feet | Weight: 6.39 pounds | Dimensions: 10.2″ × 8.4″ × 13.3″

This modern-looking humidifier knows the true meaning of better breathing with massive features to ensure your living space is comfortable and your family is living a better life.

This smart humidifier features a set-and-forget auto mode that automatically adjusts the humidity in the air of your room, the most amazing is when this humidifier pauses humidification to reach the comfortable range of the human body. It is okay to say you are safe with this effective humidifier in your home.

Yoga lovers will delight in the built-in essential oil tray in this best humidifier that allows you to take in fresh breathe every second of the day. Say goodbye to dryness and enjoy the long-lasting humidification this durable humidifier brings to homes.

Pros Cons
Ideal For Large Rooms High Power Consumption
Easy To Refill and Clean  
360 Degree Rotation Spray Nozzle  

Pure Guardian H4750AR HUltrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Tank Capacity:  2 Gallons | Run Time: 120 hours | Room Size: 600 Square Feet | Weight: 5.55 pounds | Dimensions: 7.75″ × 15.03″ × 12.48″

This long-running ultrasonic humidifier comes with Silver Clean Technology to help fight mold and mildew on the growth of the humidifier water tank while reducing the chances of impurities escaping into your indoor air.

Thanks to ultrasonic technology, this superior humidifier disperses a fine mist into the air, and its ultra-quiet operation makes it ideal for a peaceful sleep. Living a happier and healthier life in your home is at your fingertips with the three-speed settings found on this best humidifier, which includes a low water indicator light, soft glow, and timer, all to invite convenience for a better life.

Your search for the ideal humidifier that will guard you against problems caused by dry air indoors should end with this modern humidifier from Guardian Technologies.

Pros Cons
Large Easy-to-Fill Tank White Dust Issues
Unending Runtime  
Warm or Cool Options  

Keecoon Smart Cool Mist Humidifier

Tank Capacity: 1.85 Gallons | Run Time: 24 hours | Room Size: 500 Square Feet | Weight: 6.29 pounds | Dimensions: 29.3″ × 10.7″ × 10.7″

This 3-in-1 smart humidifier works for both large and small rooms in the company of multiple features to create a comfortable home environment. The three Mist Mode of this best humidifier will keep your indoor humidity at ideal levels at all times.

Because excess humidity can cause physical discomfort, this humidifier will stop working when it reaches the setting values to ensure you get better sleep. This smart humidifier is perfect for babies, kids, adults, and sensitive sleepers, thanks to the ultrasonic technology that provides optimal humidity levels.

Are you still wondering why you should pick this cool-mist ultrasonic humidifier? Aside from adding moisture to improve the air quality in your home, the powerful and long-lasting mist helps to improve your sleep, and also, this best humidifier lifts your mood and relieves you of every stress.

Pros Cons
Large Tank Restricted Temperature Change
Stylish Design  
Smart Humidifier App  

BONECO U700 Warm or Cool Ultrasonic Humidifier

Tank Capacity: 4 Gallons | Run Time: 24 hours | Room Size: 1,000 Square Feet | Weight: 10.14 pounds | Dimensions: 12.79 × 7.48″ × 14.17″

Depending on your preference, this hard-to-beat humidifier can either release warm or cool air while providing an undisputed comfortable environment in the largest room possible.

With an Auto-mist Technology, this best humidifier monitors the temperature of your room and automatically adjusts the output when conditions change. You will find a smart digital display on this matchless humidifier with an adaptive display dimmer and relaxing ambient LED night light in the entourage of a whisper-quiet performance to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

To humidify your entire house, buy this prime humidifier with the largest water tank and highest humidity output level as well as known for its high standard in cleanliness.

Pros Cons
Innovative Cleaning Mode Expensive to Maintain
Easy-to-Handle Tank  
One-of-a-kind Design and Performance  

Dyson AM10 Humidifier

Tank Size: 0.94 Gallon | Run Time: 18 hours | Room Size: 172 Square Feet | Weight: 7.5 pounds | Dimensions: 8.7″ × 9.4″ × 22.8″

This new humidifier from Dyson kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water with Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology that exposes every drop of water to a UVC light, leaving the air quality in your home cleaner and healthier.

The dual functionality of this best humidifier delivers even humidification in winter and high-velocity cool air in summer. A full all year round protection!

If you are looking for the ideal humidifier to quickly and quietly distribute humidified air across the whole room, settle for this best humidifier that knows how to create a comfortable, hygienic home environment.

Pros Cons
Quiet, Hygenic Humidification High Price
Intelligent Climate Control  
All Year Long Healthy Humidity  

Stadler Form 0-021 OSKAR Evaporative Cool Mistless Humidifier

Tank Size: 2.4 Gallons | Run Time: 24 hours | Room Size: 540 Square Feet | Weight: 6.38 pounds | Dimensions: 9.79″ × 9.7″ × 11.4″

Place this mistless evaporative humidifier anywhere; on the floor, tabletop, desk, and still enjoy healthy air quality as it releases moisture into the air without mist and at a whisper-quiet operation.

This sturdy humidifier is best for the bedroom to curb the problem of restless sleep due to dry air. Also, this humidifier makes an excellent addition to the nursery to help your baby sleep better every night. For healthy well-being, Oskar got you and your home fully covered.

If low power consumption is a deal for you while staying comfortable in your home or office, buy this best humidifier for maximum happiness and productivity.

Pros Cons
Easy to Use Fixed Tank
Modern Design  
High Capacity Tank  


Without further ado, say goodbye to colds, asthma flare-ups, itchy skin, and other symptoms by clicking the links to bring home the best humidifier that will guard you against dry air.