Best Air Fryer Of 2021

Best Air Fryer Of 2021

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Best Air Fryers Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

  • 5.8- Quart Square Non-stick Coated Basket
  • 13 Versatile Functions
  • Comes with 100 Original, Delicious & Easy Recipes for Every Meal
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Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven

  • 7 Built-in Smart Programs
  • Large 10 Quart Capacity
  • One-step EvenCrisp Technology
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Kalorik 26 QT Digital Maxx Air Fryer Oven

  • Digital LED Display Includes 21 Presets
  • Extra-Large 26-Quart Cavity
  • Modern French Door System
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Ninja DZ201 Foodi 6-in-1 2-Basket Air Fryer

  • 6 Customizable Programs
  • DualZone Technology
  • XL 8-Quart Air Fryer Capacity
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Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360

  • 12 Pre-Set Smart Buttons
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • 5 Heating Elements
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TaoTronics Air Fryer

  • 11 Preset Menus with Precise Time Settings and Temperature Control
  • 6-quart Frying Basket
  • 7-inches Touchscreen Control Panel
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HOmeLabs 11.6 Quart XXL 8-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

  • 1700W Heating Elements
  • User-Friendly LED Touchscreen Display
  • Thermal Protective See-Through Double-Layered Glass Door with an Internal Warm Light
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MOOSOO 8-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

  • Stainless Steel Non-Stick Body Design
  • 1500W Strong Power
  • Large Glass Viewing Window
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Philips Kitchen Appliances Digital Twin Turbo Airfryer XXL

  • Multi-Cooking Technology
  • Dishwasher-Safe Removable Parts, and a Quick-Clean Basket
  • Fat Reduction Technology
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COSTWAY 15.5 QT Air Fryer Oven

  • 16 Pre-set Cooking Menus
  • 15.5 Quarts Interior Capacity and 3 Levels of Air Flow Racks
  • 8 Useful Cooking Accessories
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Do you love deep-fried food but don’t want all that oil? Air fryer gives you the best of both. You enjoy crispy foods with less grease! Except the hassle is in finding the ideal air fryer for that healthier food you are craving.

No need to worry, the best air fryers on this post will help you achieve your goal of keeping fit and staying healthy without bothering about health issues like obesity, hypertension, and heart diseases.

Read through our buying guide to help you purchase the best air fryer for your cooking needs and kitchen style as well as your budget.

Best Air Fryer Buying Guide

Aside from enjoying healthy cooking styles, the best air fryers offer faster cooking, versatile use, great space-saver, and are the perfect economical choice.

Therefore, keep these four relevant factors in mind to fully enjoy the benefits of having the ideal air fryer sitting pretty on your countertop alongside other kitchen appliances like a dishwasher.

1. Size

Air fryers come in varied sizes, which means you will have to check the available space on your counter before purchasing your ideal air fryer. Look out for the dimensions of your new air fryer to ensure it can seamlessly fit your kitchen space and even blend in with your décor and other surrounding appliances.

2. Cooking Functions

Air fryers with multiple cooking functions, just like some modern electric pressure cookers will save you loads of time and energy. So, If you are willing to pay the extra cost for extra convenience, choose a versatile air fryer that can also roast, bake, cook, and let you enjoy more delicious meals. On the other hand, you can still select the best air fryer with cooking functions that suits your needs.

3. Capacity

While shopping for the best air fryer, it is vital to put your family’s size and how often you cook into consideration. Although large-capacity air fryers consume lots of counter space and are highly-priced, they are perfect for large serving and dinner parties.

Air fryers with small interior sizes are fit for serving one to two persons without worrying about taking up space. Therefore, as you shop for the best air fryer, mull over the number of people you will serve and how often you entertain visitors as you would do while shopping for a refrigerator; that way, you will be able to purchase the right air fryer.

4. Accessories

Air fryers with accessories are impressive bonuses as they give you everything you need in your cooking. These handy accessories also aid you to cook more meals. As you shop for the best air fryer, look out for the accessories that are dishwasher safe and takes the hassle of cleaning.


COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

Capacity: 5.8 Quarts | Presets: 11 | Power: 1700W | Weight: 15.67 pounds

With this versatile 13-in-1 air fryer, you get to spend less time in the kitchen and more time savoring the flavorful results without the added fat from excess oil. The included 100 delicious recipes can get you started in no time; select one recipe and bring out the chef in you.

The preheat function on this best air fryer only takes 5 minutes, and it’s sure to improve the food texture. For your safety, this air fryer automatically pauses when you remove the basket. The display only comes on once the baskets are replaced. The 5.8-quart baskets of this air fryer allow you to cook a lot of food in no time.

You will be glad to know that the removable nonstick baskets are durable and easy to clean, no need to stress yourself out while washing. Don’t skip the square design of this sleek air fryer that prepares delicious, healthy dishes. Plus, this best air fryer takes up little counter space while retaining a large capacity.

Pros Cons
Extremely Easy to Clean Average Build Quality
Compact Size  
Convenient Settings  

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven

Capacity: 10 Quarts | Presets: 7 | Power: 1500W | Weight: 19.31 pounds

Create healthier versions of all your family’s favorite fried foods with this best air fryer with seven built-in smart programs, including bake, roast, broil, dehydrate, air fry, and rotisserie. So, you get crispy on the outside, tender on the inside perfection every time.

The large 10-quart capacity can fit both cooking trays at once, making it possible to prepare multiple meals in one go. While the Overheat Protection reduces the risk of burning food. Experience a world of flavor with the brightly lit touchscreen of this air fryer that offers 14 simple touch controls and displays a smart program.

This sleek and modern air fryer comes with features that combine space efficiency on your countertop with versatility. Buy this best air fryer and wave goodbye to your microwave, pizza oven, convection oven, dehydrator, and toaster. Do anything and everything better with the Instant Vortex Plus air fryer oven.

Pros Cons
Generous Capacity Feeble Door
Sleek Design  
Useful Accessories  

Kalorik 26 QT Digital Maxx Air Fryer Oven

Capacity: 26 Quarts | Presets: 21 | Power: 1700W | Weight: 27.5 pounds

This modern air fryer combines the functionality of 10 different appliances into a single unit; thanks to the easy-to-use LED display, which includes 21 presets, you get to enjoy foolproof cooking no matter the occasion.

The highly efficient Turbo MAXX airflow system packed in this best air fryer delivers a crispy and rich flavor of deep-fried food using little to no oil, leaving you to delight in healthier meals. The large size of this air fryer is perfect for a big family and can roast a whole chicken, bake a 12″ pizza, or toast 9 slices of bread with room to spare.

If you want an air fryer that is perfect for preparing dinner for the whole family, the Kalorik air fryer is the best choice and comes with everything you need to prepare delicious meals right out of the box.

Pros Cons
Extra-Large Capacity Wobbly Menu Knob
Easy-Touch Digital Control  
Modern Design  

Ninja DZ201 Foodi 6-in-1 2-Basket Air Fryer

Capacity: 8 Quarts | Presets: 6 | Power: 1690W | Weight: 24.3 pounds

This unique air fryer has two independent baskets that let you cook two foods at once to save you an ample amount of time, thanks to the Dual -Zone Technology Smart Finish feature that intelligently manages cooking.

The two 4-quarts zones of this best air fryer deliver additional capacity and versatility to fit up to 4 pounds of wings or French fries at once. You will be pleased to know that the two baskets are nonstick and easy to clean.

If you are looking to ditch the back-to-back cooking of a traditional single-basket air fryer, then the Ninja Foodi 2-Basket air fryer is for you to cook two foods at once.

Pros Cons
Smart Finish Small Fryer Baskets
Great Value for Money  
Eay to Use and Clean  

Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360

Capacity: 930 cubic inches | Presets: 12 | Power: 1500W | Weight: 20.5 pounds

This best air fryer lets you cook, bake, roast, and enjoy more delicious meals with all the right flavors without oil fats and grease.

With 12 preset cooking functions, this commercial-quality air fryer oven lets you choose what you want to cook and how. The 360° Quick Cook Technology and five super-powerful heating elements evenly cook your meal on all sides in a whirlwind of superheated air for crispy, delicious flavor.

This sleek, state-of-the-art air fryer comes with features that help reduce the number of unhealthy calories you consume by up to 70% while still enjoying your favorite foods. Purchase this best air fryer that easily complements your kitchen décor and delight in any meal or snack of your choice.

Pros Cons
Quick and Easy Cleaning Not Suitable for a Very Large Family
Fast Cooking Time  
Multi-Purpurpose Functions  

TaoTronics Air Fryer

Capacity: 6 Quart | Presets: 11 | Power: 1750W | Weight: 8.98 pounds

This sleek air fryer with 11 preset menus offers various solutions for easy and quick weeknight meals for the whole family. The 1750W powerful built-in fan like you would find in an air conditioner and 360° air convection system circulate super-hot air around food to cook your meals faster.

The generous-sized frying basket of this air fryer fits a whole chicken for 3-6 people, which is great for dinner parties. Cook and eat safely with this best air fryer that consists of a heat-resistant premium PP material shell, metal frying, and basket.

The touch screen display permits you to carry effortless and straightforward operation; thanks to its tilted design at 13° angle, you get to avoid stooping down and backache over every day cooking.

Buy this air fryer and cook like a pro via TaoTemp Technology to ensure delicious results for foods like meat, seafood, and vegetables. Plus, this modern air fryer includes a cookbook containing 50 popular recipes.

Pros Cons
Fast Cook Time No Cogent Issues
Advanced Display Interface  
Great for Family Occasions  

HOmeLabs 11.6 Quart XXL 8-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Capacity: 11.6 Quart | Presets: 8 | Power: 1700W | Weight: 17.61 pounds

You can trust this electric air fryer to make your food healthier and without unwanted odor while enjoying fast and efficient cooking. With the 1-60 minute built-in timer and auto shut off function of this smart air fryer, your food and appliance are safe from overheating and burning.

This air fryer comes with useful accessories, including a rotating basket, dehydrating racks, adjustable skewer racks, oil tray, rotisserie fetch tool, and rotisserie shaft for your roast chicken. Plus, these accessories are dishwasher safe and takes away the hassle of cleaning. This best air fryer comes with everything you need while cooking.

Enjoy guilt-free fried food with this versatile air fryer that can cook almost any meal or snack. This HOmeLabs air fryer is a perfect replacement for multiple appliances to cook healthier with less oil.

Pros Cons
Easy to Operate Consumes a Lot of Electricity
Beautiful Design  
Great Price Point  

MOOSOO 8-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Capacity: 10.6 Quart | Presets: 8 | Power: 1500W | Weight: 17.29 pounds

With this best air fryer, you can make all fried foods without worrying about greasy and frying troubles. You only have to press a button to enjoy the delicious flavor, using the preset smart programs to fry, bake, and reheat all your favorite food.

The sturdy and durable large glass observation window of this air fryer lets you keep an eye on your cooking. While the custom-adjustable temperature is perfect to meet all your personalized taste needs.

Say goodbye to obesity and enjoy the less oil and delicious food from this versatile and convenient air fryer designed for families.

Pros Cons
Easy to Clean No Pressing Issues
Intelligent Temperature Control  
Perfect Size for the Entire Family  

Philips Kitchen Appliances Digital Twin Turbo Airfryer XXL

Capacity: 1.36 liters | Presets: 11 | Power: 2225W | Weight: 19 pounds

This superior air fryer offers the healthiest way to fry, thanks to the fat removal technology that reduces and captures excess fat. You get to fry your favorite foods with little or no added oil while enjoying delicious and healthier fried food.

With over 200 easy to make and inspiring dishes to try, this best air fryer is a one-stop solution for all your meals. Aside from just frying, this air fryer can also grill, roast, bake, reheat, dehydrate and toast, taking on the role of multiple kitchen appliances.

This air fryer is instantly hot and ready to go in seconds, cooking four times faster than a conventional oven. The capacity of this air fryer allows you to make delicious meals for up to 6 people daily. Buy this first-class air fryer, save time while cooking, and enjoy crispy food with 90% less fat.

Pros Cons
Consistent Even Cooking Highly Priced
Super Large Size  
Excellent Performance and Quality  

COSTWAY 15.5 QT Air Fryer Oven

Capacity: 15.5 Quart  | Preset: 16 | Power: 1700W | Weight: 22 pounds

Satisfy all your diverse cooking needs with this best air fryer, featuring 16 preset cooking menus, including cake, chicken, fish, pizza, steak, toast, proof, wings, cookies, and popcorn. This air fryer oven adopts up and down balance heating and 360° hot turbine air rotary heating to fry food.

You can make more than one type of food at once for your family, thanks to the large interior capacity and three levels of airflow racks of this sleek air fryer. Plus, the nonslip footpads, heat-resistant handle, and cooking finish sound will provide added safety insurance.

With the intelligent control panel, you can control the time, temperature, and cooking mode effortlessly. The convenient features of this air fryer are enough to make you purchase it. Plus, it tugs in 8 useful accessories for fast cook and easy cleaning.

Pros Cons
Durable Build Tasking to Set Temperature and Time
Easy and Safe to Use  
Superb Cooking Result  


Waste no more time to use the information gathered on this post to purchase the best air fryer from top brands that will spur you on that healthy journey.