Selecting A Honma Shaft

Selecting A Honma Shaft

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Golfers are always skeptical about the kind of shaft they select for their golfing. Reason being that the kind of shaft you use, has a lot to say about how well you play. In this guide, we’ll show you all you need to know about choosing a Honma shaft. Read through for more knowledge on selecting a Honma shaft.

Honma is designed for golfers with slower swing speeds and a desire for ultimate premium products, the hand-crafted BERES range of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons features exclusive game-enhancing technology to produce bigger sweet spots and more explosive ball speeds off the clubhead.


The stars are a hallmark of Honma and not just a status symbol. It’s not about being able to claim you have a set with more stars than anyone else. In short, the stars express the quality of the shaft. That doesn’t mean that a 2-star shaft is bad. On the contrary.

Also, the 2-star shaft is so much better than practically everything on the market. Honma knows how to build shafts that are light and soft but still have little torque like no other manufacturer. These are the twists during the stroke that you absolutely want to avoid because they push the ball in the wrong direction.

So it’s up to you. There is no question that the surcharge for 5 stars is extremely high. Only very few players allow themselves this luxury and can then claim to possess the best of the best in this segment.

Honma Stars

  • Honma 2 Stars

The 2-star variant represents the lowest category and is standard for Honma. But it is by no means as if the 2-star variant was inferior in any way. On the contrary. Already the 2 stars Beres are basically unrivaled. The reason is that Honmas’s own shafts are particularly light and soft and nevertheless show good torque values.

This combination is particularly difficult to realize in production. But this is exactly what makes Honma clubs so well known and popular. Despite the quite high entry price. After all, a 2 star Beres set already costs around 3,000 Euros and a driver over 1,000 Euros.

  • Honma 3 Stars

Nevertheless, the majority of players go with 3 stars, even if 2 stars are the cheapest entry. 3 stars have the advantage that they are available in much more variants in Europe and that means practically no waiting times even in quite exotic configurations.

The 3 stars Honmas are a bit better in the quality of the shaft. The difference in the iron heads between 2 and 3 stars is due to slightly different steel. At least a 3-star iron is very easy to bend and thus to adjust Lie and Loft. With a 2 star iron, this is not so easy.

  • Honma 4 Stars

The disadvantage of 4 and 5 stars is that they are practically all “custom” designs, which means that the club must first be manufactured in the desired configurations individually in Japan. That sounds good, but don’t forget the 8-10 weeks delivery time.

The Honma 4 star clubs are already made with much more expensive materials like gold. This club is certainly no longer discreet, no matter which Beres it is. The most conspicuous is certainly the driver of which you can not hide the 5-star version.

  • Honma 5 Stars

No question about it. 5-star clubs are extremely rare and even we as a long-time Honma dealer have sold very few sets and woods of them. They are definitely unique. Each club is manufactured individually in Japan – the delivery time is correspondingly long. The 5 stars Beres are mostly gold-plated.

Now you have to ask yourself what value this has for a player. And here one must say clearly that gold-plated club heads are more like a gimmick. Nevertheless, a 5-star club has its justification as we will see soon.


However, the Beres series is in a completely different league than Tour World and is basically designed for a different type of player. As already mentioned, the special thing about the Beres is the light and soft shaft which simplifies the game extremely.


Honma makes higher quality shafts than any other manufacturer – at least in the segment of extremely light and soft shafts. The art is to produce a light and soft shaft that still has good torque values. And this is exactly what Honma achieves with its own and hand-made shafts like no other.

The Vizard shafts used in the Beres have a maximum weight of 47g. Even the 2-star version is already very high quality and without competition. The higher the number of stars, the higher the quality of the shaft. Whereby we must honestly say that the 3-star version is absolutely sufficient for most players.

For 5 star shafts, for example, Honma needs 8 weeks in production and has the shafts subjected to quality tests by over 100 employees. Here you can be sure to get only the best of the best – but it also has its price.

Honma makes most of the shafts on the offer itself and is known for it throughout the industry. For Honma Tour World irons, shafts from other manufacturers can be selected, but Honma prefers to use its own shafts. Because they know that they can make them especially well and that they fit best to their club heads.

This is especially important for the Beres range. Honma Beres is not a leader in a certain market segment in terms of quality for nothing: the ArmRQX shafts are extremely light and soft and yet have very good torque values. This value is a decisive quality criterion for shafts.

The higher the number of stars selected, the better this value. These special shafts alone make the purchase of Beres clubs worthwhile for many players.

And it is extremely difficult and cost-intensive to manufacture these shafts in such a way that they meet the quality requirements. Producing a 4- or 5-star shaft means living with a lot of rejects. Because only very few shafts meet the high values at the end of the day.


There is only one shaft to choose from, the ArmRQ X. It is available in two weight classes: 42 and 47g with different flexes. The 42g shafts are only available with 3* and up. There is a reason why no further shafts are offered:

Honma is so good with these shafts that offering more shafts makes no sense. They have perfected these shafts for the “Beres target group”. Other shafts would overstrain the player in the selection and would not bring him any advantage.

The two different weight levels are usually also sufficient for fine-tuning. It is clear that all these shafts are relatively light. Therefore the Beres is not suitable for players with high clubhead speeds. These are better advised with the Honma TWorld series, for example.

The Flex is available in Regular, Stiff/Regular, and Stiff. Stiff/Regular is simply a flex that lies between stiff and regular. Most often we sell the 47g version in Regular. If you want to swing a little faster or have more weight in your hand, you can adjust the weight and flex accordingly.


As a rule of thumb, we only make adjustments here if we are dealing with unusually large or small players. One thing should not be neglected in this case: adjusting the shaft length also changes the swing weight, i.e. the club “feels” much heavier or lighter although it is not at all.

Basically, this can only be attributed to the leverage effect. For you, however, this means that you are normally well advised to use the standard length. If you are unsure, please contact us.


Please also note that a longer shaft as well as an adjustment of the lie is automatically a Honma Custom order and may require 8-10 weeks delivery time. This is due to the fact that Honma makes these adjustments itself and not us at ExactGolf. Theoretically, however, you can purchase all variants and make adjustments through us.


The grip is also a very individual subject and normally our customers are satisfied with the standard Honma grips. Standard doesn’t sound special, but Honma’s standard is still very, very good.

Nevertheless, we will of course comply with all your wishes and you have a wide selection of alternative grips with us which we will be happy to install for you at no extra charge. However, this is only really recommendable for players who have a real preference in terms of grips.

The grip strength depends above all on the length of the fingers. Regular is already suitable for relatively short fingers. Depending on the length you should choose one, two, or three additional tapes. The Midsize grip is really only something for very long fingers and should only be chosen then.

The performance suffers significantly if you play with a grip that is much too thick. If you are unsure about this, just ask us. However, we are also happy to correct a wrong selection. If you notice that you do not get along with the selected grip strength at all, we will gladly mount another grip for you.


The Honma Beres is for golfers who do not want to make any compromises in quality and are willing to pay an appropriate price for it. These golfers will not find anything comparable on the market.